Learn the most powerful form of communication

Did you know only 7% of our communication is the WORDS that we say?  That is a very small percentage…  In fact, 38% of communication is the TONE in which we say something.  The TONE is five times more powerful than the words.  You are probably pretty good at listening and picking up the WORDS that people say.  In fact, you are probably also pretty good at picking up sarcasm and the TONE with which people deliver a message.  However…55% of communication is BODY LANGUAGE.  Do you know what it means when someone agrees with you and then scratches their neck at the same time? You may have assumed they were agreeing with you…in fact, it was very different from what you thought.


How do you understand the most powerful form of communication?  How do you understand what is REALLY being said…

Watch this 5 minute vidcast by Chris Helder and understand why it is that what people say may not be what they mean.  This is GOLD!

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