ODE MCs & Event Moderators

When it comes to finding great talent for live or virtual events, ODE knows great talent.

Our MCs and event moderators provide expertise, humour, entertainment and focus for corporate or private events. That's because our polished moderators and MCs lead the events industry in inspiring audiences, creating opportunities and defining distinctive voices for events.

Amid our current environment, teeming with COVID concerns and restrictions, creating memorable virtual or hybrid events is no simple task. More than ever, hosts need to have proven experience in creating emotional connections for engaging audiences - even virtually.

Our MCs, hosts, and moderators help event planners shape the flow, seamlessly uniting all the key aspects of your ideal event.

Find Your Ideal Host: Moderator or MC?

There are some important distinctions to keep in mind when selecting an ideal host for important events. When organizing, it's critical to get the right personality to fulfil the right role.

Ideal MCs

In general terms, a Master of Ceremonies is the person responsible as 'the face' for 'the show,' leading your event from start to finish. Often, event planners select actors, broadcasters or other recognized celebrities to be their MCs. People have already witnessed these personalities in action, making the selection process easier.

Though there are some key ideas to keep in mind when selecting MCs. These are characteristics based largely on their polished flexibility. Anything can and does happen onstage. This is especially true for digital stages. It's important, as the event's guide, to be quick-witted and stay collected.

Additional desirable MC qualities include being personable, able to build rapport easily. Being energetic, so as to keep audiences engaged and enthusiastic. Most important, being wise, able to pick up on non-verbal cues while preserving charisma and presence. That's quite the package.

Fortunately for audiences small and large, from weddings to webinars, ODE brings you the best.

Ideal Moderators & Facilitators

A moderator is the person guiding the event discussion, most often found in a panel format. Ideal moderators are knowledgeable about the key issues of your event. If not subject experts, they must still be able to ask relevant, probing questions to help research and craft solid arguments, or expand on the main purpose of the gathering.

This makes moderators outcome oriented, laser-focused on the end game. They work with event organizers to craft the questions they'd like to hear about. Throughout the discussion or forum, ideal moderators will remain engaged and engaging, making conversations lively and thought provoking.

Good moderators keep discussion stimulating, prepared to insert humour as needed.

Facilitators, on the other hand, are responsible for a process. They're there to help guide groups through decision making or help them achieve certain results. Ideal facilitators build on clear goals through analytical expertise, perception and empathy—listening to support others. This role is most often found in training and leadership development.

Why ODE Talent Leads

ODE MCs and event moderators are hosts with a proven, polished record of bringing their unique talent to both stage and screens. They'll help take your guests on an emotional or enlightening journey, creating unique, unforgettable experiences. That's why.

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