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We've all been to events where the audience let out a sigh of relief as soon as an instructor announced, "In conclusion..." 

Dull, uninspiring, and unprepared teachers make or break a masterclass. Therefore as the event organizer, it's important to put in the time to find the right instructor to educate and inspire your audience.

What's more, your instructor acts as an advocate for your reputation as a business. 

  • First, their reputation can improve or devalue your brand. 
  • Second, their reputation can boost the buzz around your event and help your advertising campaign. 

Find Your Keynote Instructor With Ode Management

Fortunately, you can find your master speaker with Ode Management. We investigate and find the best disruptors, thought leaders, and innovators for corporate events. 

The instructors are qualified specialists in their fields, with the right knowledge, experiences, and passion for educating and motivating your audience. 

Get Help Finding an Expert Teacher for Your Events 

Depending on the scale of your event, you need to start planning your webinar months or weeks ahead. Here are several things you need to investigate to plan a successful corporate event

  • Know your audience: What Industry are they in? What problems are they facing?
  • Select a location for your event: Is your event physical or virtual?  
  • Schedule: How much time do you have, and how can you organize the instructors? When are the instructors available? 
  • Make a Budget: How much does it cost to investigate professional instructors, venues, technology, filming, data collection, and more. 
  • Inviting instructors: How can you make your tutors comfortable? How will you introduce them? Is the speaker's knowledge congruent with your audience's needs?

Ode Management helps you find qualified corporate instructors for your event. We have industry experts in leadership, economics, leadership, branding, management, and more for masterclasses.

We help you with the following:

  • Setting the right goals for your instructor
    To find the right solutions, we often ask the right questions. It's easier to find an expert for your event with a clear goal for your speaker.  
  • Know Your Calendar
    The topics and speakers should flow with the progress of your day. So how can you schedule your instructors to keep your audience engaged as their moods shift throughout the day?  
  • Know Your Audience
    Understand what problems your audience wishes to solve. For example, are they looking for learning opportunities or motivation?
  • ROI
    It's crucial to set metrics and measure the ROI of your event to determine if it was successful or not. 
  • Cost
    Find out how much it costs to hire a master teacher. It's crucial to include the cost of facilitating the instructor.

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We are a dedicated team that partners and managers industry leaders and keynote speakers and connects them to the right audiences. 

Partner with us today to find an experienced and passionate orator for your masterclass. 

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