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There's only one hard rule to successful event planning: Keep it engaging.

Event planners already know how tough it can be to maintain audience engagement - especially during lengthy conferences. This was never more true than today, when event planning COVID concerns have sent most gatherings either online or some hybrid of live and virtual webinars.

That's why finding the right keynote speaker is so important. Keynote speeches set the tone for the entire event, raising energy levels, raising bars and exceeding expectations. A polished speaker's facilitating presence helps audiences remain engaged throughout your entire event.

A speaker’s celebrity status can draw in audiences to just about any event. But the real power behind a successful Keynote, MC or Moderator lies in their ability to charge and elevate the energy of their audiences, keeping them engaged and enthralled.

Finding the right keynote for events is an art form - one which we dedicated much time to perfect. For industry-leading insight on how to choose your speakers wisely, read on.

A Perfect Blend: Key Qualities for Keynotes

Great speakers understand all about great expectations. Our speakers experience and expertise mean they're able to understand and adapt their style to best meet the expectations for your event.

For large conferences, event planners often hire keynote speakers who can motivate and educate attendees. For fundraising events, planners often hire speakers and moderators that promote awareness on the event's theme.

For whatever the event, most keynote speakers are chosen as a result of their unique expertise and high visibility in a chosen industry. Selecting the right speaker depends entirely on the event needs, as a whole. Though there are some key ways to choose your keynotes wisely.

Great speakers are not born, they are made. Self made. Our speakers will have devoted countless hours to perfecting their craft and delivery.

Start Your Event Engines!

ODE Management offers some of the world's brightest thought leaders, innovators and disruptors across industries for live, virtual and hybrid events. Our exclusive speakers represent the best in their fields, making a global impact through their passion, experience and insights.

Keynote Speakers for corporate events

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