Industry Leaders & Strategic Experts

ODE Industry Leaders & Strategic Experts

Our speakers, consultants and facilitators are renowned across the globe for their expertise. They include industry leaders, digital disruptors and innovation experts, trained in the craft of facilitating tailored strategy sessions for businesses and non-profits alike.

Representing large swaths of industries, our strategic experts specialise in subjects ranging from economics to leadership training, from branding to motivation, and of course the digital disrupters and innovators helping move enterprises online in our ever-changing global field.

Who needs experts?

While most industries and enterprises will always profit from expert advice, there's one regular industry need that rules them all when it comes to securing experts when they're most needed: at the Strategic Planning stage. When it's time to strategically plan for the future, or craft a new business strategy, you want an expert at that table.

Strategic planning requires professional-grade expertise - experts that bring not just an outside voice to that boardroom, but also the skills to enlighten others on the range of industry possibilities available today. Critical when considering strategies.

Strategic Planning Consultants

ODE prides itself on offering Strategic Planning Consultants with the professional-grade qualities that businesses and non-profits alike, large and small, most require. ODE industry experts and planning consultants - from behavioural economics to AI entrepreneurs - embody the characteristics of any ideal strategic planning consultant:

  • Expertise. A consultant with demonstrated competence in leading enterprises through a blend of their professional acumen and industry knowledge.
  • Industry Experience. Like ODE's consultants, those with a grasp on market strategies have already successfully proven their expertise in specific industries.
  • Cross-Industry Success. The best consultants are those whose creative ideas have already helped bridge gaps from one industry sector to another, allowing enterprises to bloom on a global stage.
  • Facilitation Success. This may be the most important aspect of a great consultant: having the facilitation skills to move stakeholders forward.

The value of outside expertise cannot be underscored in today's competitive global marketplace.

Strategy & Strategists

Having the right Strategic Planning Consultant for strategy sessions can make or break any industry. Whether it's a Banking Strategist, a Technology Strategist, a marketing Guru or a Startup Tech Strategist, our global futurists have already provided key forecasts and strategic foresight to enterprises everywhere. Great minds learn from each other. In this way, we all succeed.

Let ODE Lead Your Team Higher

Take charge of your future and your team's prospects. As Conscious Governance notes, it's essential for planning teams to include outside experts who add value to the strategic process.

See what ODE's industry experts and strategic consultants can do for you. Because your organization's strategic planners will, quite literally, set the trajectory for your enterprise's future.
Choose wisely. Start here.

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