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Andy Lark

Building digital and brand greatness with institutions globally.

Whenever there’s been world-shaking innovation in online marketing for major financial services and tech firms, you can bet that Andy Lark has been involved. He’s been the Chief Marketing Officer for a “Who’s Who” of global accounting powerhouse Xero and the digitally innovative banking leader, CBA. He has been a marketing Vice President at Dell, and at Sun Microsystems and has brought leading-edge digital and social marketing to many other firms that he serves as an advisor.

With over 25 years of B2B and consumer marketing, building successful global businesses and creating award-winning marketing campaigns, Andy Lark has worked with everyone from the world’s biggest players to the hottest startups and communications agencies. His blog is a top-100 global marketing blog and he advises the fastest growing marketing analytics tech companies on the planet.

In short, if you want someone with the knowledge, insight and hands-on experience to drag your organisation into the brave new world of digital marketing, Andy Lark is who you should hire. As an internationally acclaimed speaker, Andy Lark knows how to provide the insight and inspiration required to get your leaders and team on track with the latest in technology and consumer trends.

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