Apps to Keep Track of Your Events Budget

When you're in the events game, things can move super fast! With so many elements coming together, decisive action is a must. Then there are the added extras like supplier contracts, receipts and important notes around agreements and timeframes.

How to keep it all together?

We spoke with savvy event planners who are keeping event financials and project budgets front-of-mind using the latest and greatest budget tracking apps. 

Let's look at the top three apps to help you track spending and stay on budget.


Now optimized for iOS7, the Event Budget Producer Pro is the smartest iOS app to organize, manage and present your budgets & bids for event marketing projects.

This is a fabulous app, one worthy of the investment.


Owl Money Manager  is a straightforward and easy to use app that is a great way to track budgets according to category.

The sliding-scale graphics on the home screen display how much money you’ve got left in each budgeting category.

Sounds simple, well it is! Just plug your numbers in and you'll always know what resources you have at your fingertips. A very handy tool to use for negotiation, if the numbers begin to get tight. 


We love Scanner Pro! It's a great alternative to carrying around unnecessary receipts and schedules [i.e. clutter] when you're on the run. By using the ScannerPro you can keep all loose documents together on your iPhone or Android.

Simply snap a pic of the document using the app and it will convert it to a PDF. You can even email it through to yourself using the app - so say goodbye to lugging half the filing cabinet around with you.


It's amazing the difference technology can make to our lives.

We're always all ears to hear what works for you, drop us a line and let the team know which apps make your 'events life' easier.

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Apps to Keep Track of Your Events Budget

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