Beat The Block!

You’re in a meeting with some of the big wholesale buyers of your newest business product.

It’s been a labour of love, your team has spent months perfecting the technology & positioning. You are feeling confident & prepared.

You leave the meeting & replay the positive words that were said by the client... but they don’t buy, why?

In the telecommunications sector you are in the business of connecting people - but there is often a BIG disconnect when it comes to communicating in teams & with clients.

We are all good at hearing words & tone but we all stumble when it comes to reading body language.

In this short video I’m going to touch on a few of the key tips I talk about in my Body Language keynote.

After you’ve watched it you will be able to read:

  • When someone’s words are supporting you but their bodies are blocking you
  • The one sure fire way to bring a client or buyer back after they switch off
  • The one stance you should never pitch or sell to!

Whether you work in a big corporate telco company or you are a smaller provider, whether you struggle with communicating to your colleagues, closing sales with buyers or understanding the needs of your customers, this is a simple toolkit to get you reading & understanding body language.


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