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The Future of Real Estate

October 9th 2019

Increasingly, consumers, customers, buyers, landlords, tenants, people in commerce all want to think long term. Mobile interfaces enable buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants to make smart decisions in real-time as house hunting increasingly goes mobile. That mobile search is on!

What does the future of branding hold?

August 5th 2019

The old world of B2B branding is extinct. The age of the digitally distributed brand has dawned. To ensure your brand is amplified you must develop plausible future scenarios and narrative arcs that engage your audience.

The future of payments

April 21st 2018

Are you responding to your customers’ needs as quickly as they’re adopting the technology that’s making your organisation obsolete?

A Futurist's Perspective on The Future of Real Estate

February 15th 2018

Digitisation is reshaping the future of real estate.

Today's mobile interfaces have enabled buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants to make smart decisions in real-time... but that's just the beginning...

In this Future Trendspots video, futurist Anders Sörman-Nilsson gives us a glimpse into the future of real estate.

Finding the digilogue in financial services

October 21st 2017

It seems almost counter-intuitive that big-data could help financial services be more human, could connect them to the emotional needs of their customers. As banks strive to get away from their image as cold, unfeeling entities, the truly future-proof fintech thinkers are looking beyond demographics to solve the problem of a digital entity trying to understand the analog heart.


May 18th 2017

Worldwide we are seeing how Millennials are reshaping the workplace. In many countries across the world millennials are surpassing GenXers as the largest generation in the workforce. One of the countries where we have seen dramatic changes during the last 10 years is Canada. 

5 White Collar Jobs at Risk of Disruption

March 13th 2017

If you regularly follow some of my futurist musings you can probably tell that one of the areas that fascinates me the most is how technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, Virtual Reality and Robotics will shape the future of work. In this post I'll give you an example of 5 white collar jobs that are at risk of being computerised in the near future.

Are we all getting digitally hacked?

November 29th 2016

Silicon Valley is coming for your industry. In this video-clip futurist Anders Sorman-Nilsson explains the ways in which our business models are getting digitally hacked right now. Food for thought; what are the implications for healthcare and pharmaceutical healthcare companies?

Tips to plan for a successful conference

November 25th 2016

During the last ten years I've been travelling around the world and speaking at a range of different conferences and strategy retreats. From my experience at various summits, conferences and events I've found the following points make a successful conference. In this article I share 7 essential tips on how to plan a successful conference.

What the Concept of Singularity Means for Business

November 9th 2016
The technological advancements combined with the increasing growth of computing power will lead to singularity. But what is singularity and what does it mean for businesses?

Seamless Banking & Finance

September 7th 2016

What does Seamless look like for the banking and finance industry?

In this short video, futurist Anders Sorman-Nilsson shares some great insights into the Seamless customer journey as well as big data and cyber criminals - two disruptive trends that are set to shape the future of banking.

Digital Opportunities For HR

June 2nd 2016

How do we seamlessly weave the old and the new together while making sure that all of our valued baby boomers go along on this journey into an increasingly digitised future?

Big Data and Cyber Crime

July 22nd 2016

In this video-clip, futurist Anders Sorman-Nilsson shares some key insights about big data, cyber criminals and the immense value of customer behavior data.

Seamless Transitions: Weaving Digital & Analogue Worlds

February 24th 2016

Watch futurist Anders Sorman-Nilsson in this fascinating TEDx talk at San Juan Island. You have to create a culture of change in order to be ready for the future... 

Your Life, In Ten Years Time

June 27th 2015

In a future where we convince ourselves that we are younger, longer. Where tech is no longer just wearable, but is intimately augmenting our cyborg bodies. Where Baby Boomers are catching a second wind and dominating the cafe scene in South Yarra, and Darlinghurst.

A Workforce Of Warcraft Wizards?

June 3rd 2014

Are you looking for a new team member, one who is trust worthy, has excellent leadership potential, can think on his / her feet? Well step way from the recruiter and get signed up on World Of Warcraft.

Technology That Hugs

Nike’s recent withdrawal from the fitness band market has raised some significant questions regarding the future direction of wearable technology.

Although the size of the market is predicted to grow exponentially by most industry experts such as Credit Suisse, which predicts the market to increase five-fold to $50 billion by 2017 and wearable technology appears to have already reached a high level of awareness amongst consumers.

How To Market Like A Thought Leader

April 14th 2014

Thought Leadership Marketing, the strategy of creating informative and interesting content to better engage customers and drive loyalty has quickly moved from a niche term to a 'must have' strategy for both B2B and B2C companies.

In fact, latest studies show that incorporating thought leadership marketing into their broader strategy is now the top priority for marketing professionals (34.8% of respondents) up from 18.9%. According to another study, 91% of B2B marketers now use thought leadership marketing.

The Future of Cities

March 21st 2014


This name conjures up word and brand associations like high-tech, Facebook and big data. But think about the name in two parts. 

Firstly, silicon - the raw material for most commercial semiconductors, the backbone of the digital world. Next, valley - a physical description of a geological depression with predominant extent in one direction. 

Put the two words together and we have the metonym for the US high-tech industry. This physical, analogue place has been driving digital innovation and the creation of cyberspace for decades. There is a certain irony in this. 

The Banking Industry's Digital Big Bang

January 31st 2014

The topic of Digital Disruption has generated a lot of buzz in the industry because of a couple of key reasons:

My Analogue Heart

November 27th 2013

Anders Sorman-Nilsson is a Sydney-based global futurist and innovation strategist whose clients include Apple, Johnson & Johnson, and the Commonwealth Bank, as well as his mum's local bricks and mortar menswear shop in Sweden.

In this insightful excerpt from his new book 'Digilogue' Anders reminds us that whilst the world is going tech crazy, there is still very much a place for the traditional; from the analogue Christmas card to the time spent creating a holiday feast. The perfect balance between the past and future is where enduring businesses & brands will prosper.

As a special offer to celebrate the close of 2013, when you confirm Anders to speak at a conference or event before 31st January 2014, you will receive 50 copies of his book 'Digilogue: How to Win the Digital Minds and Analogue Hearts of Tomorrow's Customer' complimentary.

The Importance of Local in Global

November 18th 2013

Anders Sorman-Nilsson is a speaker and researcher at the very forefront of futurism. Through his think tank Thinque, Anders works with some of the planet's biggest companies to anticipate trends that will disrupt their business.

In this article, through his passion for bringing the digital minds together with the analogue hearts of each business, Anders looks at how companies are going to be impacted by a workforce & consumer base that has never known a world without smart phones & online gaming...


October 31st 2013

I'm 30,000 feet in the air. I am currently west of Chicago en route from JFK to LAX.

Because I was delayed from JFK and have a connection in LAX to Sydney, which I could well miss, I am nervously following our progress on, which is tracking AA181 live.

I am browsing the web from 30,000 feet on ... live.

Digital Darwinism - is your brand evolving?

October 29th 2013

Is your business adapting to the Digilogue?

In this sensational video futurist Anders Sorman-Nilsson discusses Digital Darwinism, the core truth of how businesses need to relate to real people in today's digital world.

Your Franchisor and The Digital Future

August 26th 2013

Will you be getting the best from your franchisor when it comes to communications? Today's highly digitised environment brings a different perspective to the landscape writes Anders Sorman-Nilsson. 

Future of Work: Digilogue and T-Shaped

July 9th 2013

Have you wondered what aptitudes will position you ideally for a career in 2020? How do you choose the right career that even exists in 2020? Are your qualifications supporting you in an uncertain future? How do you combine tradition and technology in you choice of work?

Hindsight Can Be Foresight

July 8th 2013

I reckon 2020 vision begins with 2020 hindsight. It's only when we reflect on past patterns, that we can either break those patterns, or continue them into the future. In fact, when we reflect, there is a greater chance that we inflect and reach a positive tipping point.

Terroir, Tradition, and Terrabytes - Futurist Thoughts On Provenance Marketing

June 27th 2013

The sense of place can be both a gift and a curse. The location which sits at the core of provenance marketing is a double-edged sword. Only Champagne from Champagne can be legally called Champagne. Chicken Bega doesn't have the same ring to it as Chicken Parmiggiano, and Yunnanese Pork doesn't whet one's appetite the way apple-smoked Canadian bacon does. A region has either built a world class reputation for a particular produce, brand equity in its provenance, and trust in its sourcing practices, or it hasn't.

Quick Draw Digilogue

March 19th 2013

As some organisations careen recklessly into the digital future and others are left behind by remaining steeped in the ways of old, thought leaders are coming to realise there is an important middle ground. Most o6en that's where your customers and clients want you to be, the place where digital and analogue converge -­ the 'digilogue'. In the digilogue it is understood that digital satisfies a customer's mind while analogue soothes the heart.

The Importance of The Local in Global

February 26th 2013

My Futurist Question Remains…..

The question is whether the entry and cementation of digital natives in the workforce will change the importance of local connections. Some believe it will. And the reason for this is digital collaboration. There is currently millions of people online, playing and collaborating on multi-player platforms like World of Warcraft, and they are creating new types of behaviours, leadership skills, and communication efficiencies.

Digilogue: Connecting with Digital Minds and Analogue Hearts

February 18th 2013

As some organisations careen recklessly into the digital future and others are left behind by remaining steeped in the ways of old, thought leaders are coming to realise there is an important middle ground. Most often that’s where your customers and clients want you to be, the place where digital and analogue converge – the ‘digilogue’. In the digilogue it is understood that digital satisfies a customer’s mind while analogue soothes the heart.

Anders Sorman-Nilsson

Anders Sorman-Nilsson is a futurist and innovation strategist helping leaders decode trends, decipher what's next and turn provocative questions into provocative strategies.

Digilogue Sales: Connecting analogue & digital worlds

November 6th 2012

The world of sales is going through a massive paradigm shift. Gone are the days when sales people could rely solely on great interpersonal skills, presumptive closes, and wining and dining clients. Nowadays, these analogue, high touch, and face2face abilities must be complemented by digital, high tech, interface2interface abilities. No longer is your analogue sales expertise enough, you must also become digitally savvy.

3 Waves of Change for the New Financial Year

May 29th 2012

via Thinque

If you dislike change, you’re really going to hate being defunct. Because that is what is looming behind the choice to either adapt with the constantly changing business landscape, or not. Change doesn’t care whether you like it or not. It happens without your permission, and the bad news is that 2012/2013 is shaping up to be another year of massive disruption.

Social B2B

April 23rd 2012

Is your business embracing the power of Social Media for its B2B channel?

Anders Sorman-Nilsson and SR27 have commissioned a B2B Social Media report that details best-practice examples and case studies of businesses who have successfully used social media for B2B sales.

Are you getting up close and personal?

March 27th 2012

It's funny how much big business knows about us. Google tracks every search we make, what videos we watch and for many of us even manages our inbox. Facebook knows who all our friends are,  what we like, which sports teams we follow and the music we listen to.

What is our New Virtual Business Reality?

September 21st 2011

It is perhaps ironic that I am writing this sentence as the Scottish countryside is rushing past me on the East Coast railtracks on my way from London to the Scottish capital. Excitedly bound for the TEDGlobal Conference in this centre for the European Enlightenment to discuss, debate, and think about the future of technology, entertainment and design, the Angus beef that lazily glance up at my vacuous ponderings really couldn't care less. It's ironic, because this event gathers many of the world's thought leaders in a physical intellectual mardi gras of sorts. Personally, I have travelled via air from Sydney, via Bangkok and London, to the Balmoral Hotel in the shadows of Edinburgh castle. It's a face-to-face extravaganza and coming together of ideas, entrepreneurs, philosophers, and futurists, which facilitates thought on how digital media, technology and design may make these kinds of physical and geographic-specific rendezvouses defunct in the future.

How 'Cool' is your Employment Brand?

June 16th 2011

We’re all suffering from status update anxiety now.

In an age of transparency tyranny, war for talent 2.0, and an osmosis between social and business spheres, organisations need to re-think the importance of their employment brands.

Shifting From Reflection to Inflection

March 25th 2011

With so many 'shifts' over the last 12 months, it is essential that we reflect in order to stay on top of our game. In this video, Anders Sorman-Nilsson shares with us his 'Reflection to Inflection' tool, which enables you to clearly evaluate the past 12 months and move forward with renewed clarity and purpose.

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