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What drives the Millennial

May 18th 2017

If there’s one question that dominates conversations I have with leaders and executive teams around the world, it is this – What do young people want?

Big Wins First

December 12th 2016

What are we prepared to give up in order to be successful? When we talk about productivity we often talk in terms of hard work and tick-box 'To Do's' required in order for us to get results. Instead, in this video-clip behavioural research and expert in human motivation Dan Gregory breaks down the practical steps you can start using tomorrow to actively achieve your most important tasks, helping you reach your goals and achieve your purpose.

Motivation vs Design

February 2nd 2016

In this video-clip, bestselling author, behavioral researcher and strategist Dan Gregory weighs up Motivation vs Design - Is achieving success really all about what drives us, or are the design structures we build into our lives more important?

Avoiding "Short Change" In Finance

February 3rd 2015

There can be little doubt that we human beings, on the whole, dislike change.

No finance union, for instance, have ever threatened to take strike action until their members annual leave entitlements were not replaced immediately with ‘a bit of a change’. In fact, doing so would probably lead to strike action… or worse.

What's In It For Them?

November 4th 2014

The difference between a great salesperson and a terrible one is simple - one thinks selfishly and one doesn't. 

Now you may think that a bad salesperson is probably the one doing the selfish thinking but you'd be wrong - because the key to making a sales is understanding what's in it for the client.

What Makes You Different?

September 3rd 2015

One of the principle problems organizations and their teams face is a lack of clarity about the business they’re really in. Now, understandably, this can be a challenging concept for most organizations – surely we all understand the business we’re in?

However, I want to suggest that the true nature of our business, the game we’re really playing is not the products we sell or the services we provide.

Who Are You Really?

June 20th 2014

My business partner Kieran Flanagan and I have recently finished writing a book about human behaviour - how we can lift our own performance, increase engagement and drive influence in our organisations, our teams and our communities.

How Good Is Your 'Good Deed' Really?

May 22nd 2014

Selfish is hard to resist

As part of my work as a speaker on human behaviour, I'm constantly teaching those in the HR industry how to use our key human drivers to do better business. One of the key drivers, our biggest motivator as human beings is self interest. Which doesn't seem like a good thing does it? But once we get that, as leaders and professionals in HR, we can actually use this knowledge to do a lot of good.

The Big Hang-Up!

February 28th 2014

My first job out of university was taking complaints for Telstra. I joined the company about a month before Optus joined the market and within 6 months of joining I had been made supervisor - such was the rate of attrition under a barrage from customers who had an alternative for the first time in Australian history.

Driving Human Innovation In Banking

February 1st 2014

Drive Innovation In Banking

How increasing humanity in the financial sector is key

I was recently fortunate enough to be speaking at the Business Banking Innovation awards hosted by Australian Financial Publications and what struck me was how innovative the big four banks, traditionally portrayed as slow moving, actually are.

What Your Purchases Say About You

December 19th 2013

There’s no doubt about it, with $32bn expected to be ringing through the tills by Christmas, we sure know how to buy!

Whether it’s gifts for loved ones, treats for the Christmas table, or something special for ourselves – why we buy what we buy is the billion dollar question retailers puzzle over each year.

Don’t Sell the Destination, Sell the Traveller

November 1st 2013

The travel industry is like most industries in that it is incredibly inwardly focused in terms of sales, marketing and even in terms of its leadership and cultural development. Which is not to single the industry out for criticism, more to note that it shares a common problem faced by most business leaders.

So what does that look like and more importantly what does it mean?

The End Of 'Product Real Estate'

August 6th 2013

It's almost become cliche to observe that the retail sector is in trouble. However, virtually every industry is having to reinvent itself and innovate to stay relevant in a world with changing market dynamics, models of communication and delivery as well as tastes and values.

Who Do You Want Your People To Be?

July 16th 2013

We, as leaders, spend an inordinate amount of time instructing our people on how we want them to behave - using codes of conduct and workplace instructions, on what we want them to do - in terms of processes and with training modules and of course, what we want them to achieve - by outlining their KPIs and conducting yearly, biannual or quarterly reviews depending on just how controlling our own personality tends to be.

How To Be More Attractive....And Aligned and Engaging

June 24th 2013

Human Resources are in the rather unenviable position of having to know quite a lot about virtually every facet of an organisation's business (even when it's not their personal remit or speciality).

Be The Change

June 14th 2013

We don't like change. We say we do. We say things like "a change is as good as a holiday", but we don't mean it. Just try putting "change" in a staff member's remuneration package in place of their annual leave and see how far that gets you.

Why You're Probably Selling Backwards

November 6th 2012

For years, sales theory has promoted the idea of selling features and associated benefits, of looking for what's unique in your product or service, and using that as a wedge to open up the sale by demonstrating how you can make the prospect's life easier, more productive, or even sexier!

The next step, we were told, was to systematically remove obstacles to the sale and "always be closing". Some sales people managed to do this with humanity and charm, but for the most part, it's an aggressive process based on proving a resistant prospect wrong (That'll get them on side).

Are you driving the change you’d like to see?

August 23rd 2012

Dan Gregory, CEO of The Impossible Institute and regular panelist on the wildly popular The Gruen Transfer recently provided a compelling vision of the future of advertising and ad agencies to Marketing magazine.

“The rules have changed a bit, and I think we’re witnessing a not-so-slow death of interruptive advertising. “ Says Gregory, who will be speaking at the upcoming DARE Melbourne Showcase.

Drive Change or Be Driven By It

May 29th 2012

We are living in an age of unprecedented levels of change. Wow, news flash right?!?  Just the other day, my 70 year-old mother actually laughed and said “LOL!” Which I believe may be one of the signs of the Apocalypse. Baby boomers using social media slang followed by the four horses. I’m sure that’s the correct order.

What Happens Online.... Stays Online!

February 23rd 2012

When was the last time you Googled yourself? Or 'stalked' an old acquaintance on Facebook?

If you were surprised at just how much the internet seems to know about you, you're not alone.

In pre-internet days, most information passed into unrecoverable obscurity in a relatively short time. Not so today when every youthful indiscretion since 1999 is available at the click of a mouse.

The Importance of Starting With "i"

November 15th 2011

Why do most new year’s resolutions fail to provide lasting results? Why do even the best sales teams manage only a 10% cold call conversion rate? And why do some leaders attract a cult-like following while others struggle to hold authority - even with the threat of job termination in their back pocket?

“Why?” is an interesting question. But is it “the” question?

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