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Does Gen Y have a CRUSH on your brand?

August 23rd 2012

Michael McQueen reviews “How Cool Brands Stay Hot” on his blog:

More than ever before, the youth market is as lucrative as it is big. Considering Gen Y possess 50 cents in every dollar of discretionary spending power, companies and brands ignore this target demographic at their peril. After all, businesses whose messaging, distributions channels and products are only geared toward older generations will find themselves increasingly irrelevant in the coming years.

How is your 'Silent Pulse'?

May 15th 2012

While most businesses measure their success by looking at tangible vital signs like sales, profit margins and market share, Michael McQueen explores why these 'audible pulses' of a business can be dangerously misleading and unreliable:

"By the time the numbers start showing that there's a problem, it's sometimes too late."

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