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We were delighted with the feedback on Rachael from our advisers. Evaluation forms contained phrases such as: "Excellent", "Truly inspiring", "Interesting" and "Fantastic presenter - very informative and interesting". Working with Rachael over five events around Australia was a delight. She has a very professional and flexible approach".



Rachael was engaging and responded well to the group. Her experiences are extraordinary and she did a great job of relating what she learnt. She was also able to illustrate the similarities between her roles and those of my team. In one word, "Terrific!"

Rachael Robertson

Antarctic expedition leader Rachael Robertson presents ‘The Edge Effect’ – how to sustain change, demonstrate leadership and build resilient teams.

Making it happen

The world is not short of ideas, but it is short of people who know how to carry them out. "Making It Happen" unravels the process of taking a good idea and turning it into a successful venture. Author Peter Sheahan guides the reader through the five competencies that will enable you to understand and utilize the forces that drive buyers' behaviour, break through mental barriers and effectively position your offer in the market. Whether you are looking to start a business, get promoted or launch a social movement, this book will streamline your thinking so you can finally turn your good ideas into great results.

Generation Y

The generational divide has led to crippling attrition and low engagement levels for Generation Y employees. Despite employers best efforts young employees continue to hop from job to job, even entire industries in their search for the “perfect job”. Peter Sheahan argues if we are to have any hope retaining and engaging Generation Y in the workplace we need to first understand their needs and motivations.

Peter is a globally recognised expert on Generation Y. His insights into managing generational change influence the strategy of market leading organisations including Google, News Corp, Coca-Cola and Ernst & Young. A Gen Y’er himself, Peter has worked with more than 100,000 members of this generation in workshops, seminars and focus groups. It is this experience, and the collective research he collates from around the world that Peter will draw upon in his presentation today.

A best-selling author, former Young Entrepreneur of the Year and 2006 Keynote Speaker of the Year, Peter has delivered more than 2,500 presentations to a combined audience of 350,000 people in eight different countries.


The global marketplace is evolving at such a rapid rate that “business as usual” has become a redundant concept. The successful businesses of tomorrow will be built on a platform of courageous leadership, innovation and change. In order to achieve real success, organisations must shift the mindsets of their senior leaders out of the world as it used to exist and into the world as it exists today.

Former Young Entrepreneur of the Year and best-selling author, Peter Sheahan has developed “Flip!” – A proactive future-focussed philosophy that will have you being the force of change in the market and not just responding to the change.

Peter has delivered more than 2,500 presentations to a combined audience of 350,000 people in eight different countries. His impressive array of clients includes Google, News Corp, Coca Cola, L’Oreal and Westpac. In 2006 he was voted the leading keynote speaker in Australia.

Chairman, Merryck & Co

Peter Sheahan - Testimonials

Peter Sheahan is one of the best presenters to a business audience I have ever seen. He is a master of his topic and he delivers his presentation with great style and passion, captivating the entire audience with excellent humor, appropriate anecdotes, memorable metaphors and authentic sense of purpose."

Communications & Development Director, Cisco Systems, Inc

Peter Sheahan - Testimonials

Peter can be relied upon to deliver genuine insight that moves his audience to action. These are exciting, and of course challenging times. Peter is just the right kind of thinker to help organizations profit from the opportunities which inevitably arise in such a turbulent economic environment."

Senior Vice President, Internal Communications, News Corporation

Peter Sheahan - Testimonials

Peter Sheahan is one of those people. Arguably the world leading expert in generational change, I have no hesitation recommending Peter to any organization looking to drive innovation deeper in their company, and wanting to inspire their leaders to think differently and take the necessary risk to future-proof the business."

CEO, Counterpoint, Inc.

Peter Sheahan - Testimonials

Peter, you amaze me. Your ability and willingness to customize material that resonates with audiences and reinforces brand goals is incredible. Your performance for my client last week was right on target, and the material was 90 per cent new from the material you used with another of my clients just ten months ago

Peter Sheahan

The world’s best companies look to Peter Sheahan for answers. A business catalyst Peter teaches how to FLIP your thinking and matter where others cannot and do not.


MIKE'S bestselling book Futuretainment is a perfect complement to his keynote and workshop presentations, and provides a succinct overview of the digital revolution. Futuretainment is about a world transformed by consumer connectedness. It is an indispensable handbook for anyone wanting to understand the future of media and marketing, and explains what it will take for companies and brands to thrive in this challenging new environment. With a unique focus on the dynamic markets of Japan, China and Korea - Futuretainment tells the story of disruptive consumer innovation at the cutting edge of social media. Futuretainment is an intense visual feast, presenting its 23 unique insights with original photography, innovative graphs and data visualisations – a radical rethink of the traditional business book.  


Mike Walsh - Testimonials

Mike is highly inquisitive and original, not only in his thinking but also in his presentation, taking complex issues and turning them into simple and digestible themes. Mike is very valuable at helping challenge whatever your conventional wisdom is, and in setting out a clear set of views on how things might shape in months and years to come. I recommend him highly."

Fujifilm Australia

Mike Walsh - Testimonials

I would highly recommend Mike Walsh to any company who wants to get a clearer understanding of not what might be, but what is very likely to be

Roche Products Pty Limited

Mike Walsh - Testimonials

Mike was a pleasure to work with. His presentation was perfectly pitched reflecting his research prior to the event to tailor his presentation to our audience and he also took the time to meet with some of them prior to the presentation. We would highly recommend Mike to anyone interested and would love to work with him again."

Walt Disney Studios

Mike Walsh - Testimonials

Fascinating! You should also write books on presenting technology topics to non-technology people. It’s a skill very few technologists have."

Mike Walsh

Mike Walsh is a futurist and leading authority on the intersection of emerging technologies, consumer behaviour and fast growth markets.

Advertising & Promotions Manager, Quest Serviced Apartments

Lisa McInnes-Smith - Testimonials

Your opening session set the theme for our event and energised our franchisees. Your unique communication style ensured your message sank in. You exceeded our expectations from the initial meeting to the post-event debrief.

National Sales Manager, Nestle Australia

Lisa McInnes-Smith - Testimonials

The response to your presentation has been overwhelming. The impact on both business and the personal lives of our people astounded me."


Lisa McInnes-Smith - Testimonials

Just a quick one to let you know that our client response this morning was OUT OF THIS WORLD!!! I have been flooded with emails all morning about how great Lisa was. Thanks for suggesting Lisa, and Lisa – thanks for being magnificent yet again!

General Manager Retail Banking, Westpac Banking Corporation

Lisa McInnes-Smith - Testimonials

I have received much positive feedback from the day, and I am delighted with the outcome. Your presentation was both inspiring and informative for my staff.

Meetings and Events Australia

James O'Loghlin - Testimonials

Thank you for a great presentation - absorbing, thought-provoking and energetic. You were singled out as one of the conference favourites.

Communications and Marketing Manager, The Law Society of New South Wales

James O'Loghlin - Testimonials

We were thrilled with James and the way in which he facilitated the panel discussion. He understood the brief, the aims and the target audience. He made the panellists feel incredibly comfortable and kept the discussion on track and on time. And he injected his wonderful sense of humour!

NSW Department of Health

James O'Loghlin - Testimonials

Thank you for working your magic as MC last Monday at the NSW Premier's Awards. We've received an overwhelmingly positive response regarding the awards ceremony with many mentioning just how much they appreciated your work!

Innovation is a State of Mind

Innovation is a State of Mind

Everyone knows innovation is important. The pace of change has never been faster. Today’s cutting edge best practice quickly becomes tomorrow's fax machine. No matter how well your business is doing today, to stay relevant and successful, you have to keep innovating

Former host of ABC-TV’s ‘The New Inventors’, author of ‘Innovation is a State of Mind’ and innovation expert James O’Loghlin will discuss:

  • How to identify opportunities for innovation and generate new ideas
  • 3 things everyone can do to be more innovative A process everyone can use to create innovation
  • How to build a workplace culture that encourages innovation

Note – a practical workshop can follow the keynote, where participants apply the innovation process to their own business, identify opportunities for innovation, and come up with new ideas.


Dominic Thurbon - Testimonials

Dominic presentations for our senior client audience were right on brief and really inspired people about the potential to unleash collaboration and innovation. He speaks the language of business, understands business models and tailors his message to suit the audience. His dynamic and engaging style affects real behavioural and attitudinal change and made him a hit with the audience.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Dominic Thurbon - Testimonials

Dom Thurbon made us think very differently and we were all buzzing with new ideas at the end of the session. I would highly recommend Dom to work with your team – you will certainly be engaged, challenged and very creative with your approach.”  

Glaxo SmithKilne

Dominic Thurbon - Testimonials

Dominic is a fantastic, dynamic presenter who really demystified the whole ‘technology’ thing for us. His presentation was engaging, entertaining and – best of all – really valuable to us in the way we work.

GM Talent, NAB

Colin James - Testimonials

We constantly heard one name, Colin James, and he has been fundamental to the success of the Accelerate Program over these last four years.

Executive VP, Oracle Inc

Colin James - Testimonials

Truly one of the worlds best facilitators

Managing Partner, Ernst & Young

Colin James - Testimonials

This program has been the best training investment I have seen… Colin is simply outstanding in his ability to hold a group of senior partners engaged for an entire week.

Executive General Manager, Commonwealth Bank

Colin James - Testimonials

Colin brings a level of depth and engagement I have never experienced before in my 24 years in business - brilliant.

"I Can't Believe It!"

Making the ‘impossible’ possible

"I can’t do that!" "I have never been able to [fill in the blank]" "I wish I had the talent to [fill in the blank]"

This session is a deeply powerful demonstration of the reality that what holds people back in their lives are limiting beliefs. Colin James shows participants how to draw a fully rendered, artist quality portrait in ONE HOUR. A life long belief such as "I can’t draw to save my life" is turned on its head in ONE HOUR. This is a startling experience that is a life changer for many.

This session gives participants a tangible and real-life experience for challenging and redefining their belief system. The whole session is 90 minutes of extraordinary learning.

The ultimate lesson from this session is this "If a life long limiting belief can be changed in one hour what else do I (and we) need to question that could bring the changes I (and we) want in our lives (and organisations)?" This session can be a keynote, a workshop or a combination.

What you will learn:

  • How to release the grip of limiting beliefs
  • How to access your natural inner talents – even the ones you thought you never had
  • What possibilities in your life you may have never considered before
  • How badly we have been programmed and how to change it.

Partner and Head of Europe, Polaris Software Labs

Chris Skinner - Testimonials

The audience couldn't stop raving about your presentation. You know you could be live at the O2 and get a full house!

Chairman, Cambridge 100 Club

Chris Skinner - Testimonials

Chris spoke at a recent Cambridge100 Club Dinner about the next big developments in technology and what these will mean to business. This was a remarkable talk - insightful, compelling and informative. Chris is a visionary and futurologist with a real command of the factors which shape our future.

Global Head of Financial Services Industry Solutions, SAP

Chris Skinner - Testimonials

Thank you again for a truly terrific presentation at our SAP Banking Summit event here in The Hague. The event was overall a great success and your participation was really one of the highlights of the entire three days.

Chris Skinner

The world-renowned strategist and best-selling author who specializes in the future of business, technology, and finance to deliver powerful keynotes with lightning-rod insights.

Street Smart

Would you rather be book smart or streetsmart? The perfect answer, of course, is both. However, people are now realising the need to possess the intangible qualities of the streetsmart person. Interestingly, people today need to know how to play the game.

Just like a great athlete develops their skills to read the bounce of the ball, so too can we become more conscious about what is happening all around us. Is streetsmart something that can be learned? Absolutely!

Stop Selling

Traditional methods of selling based on 'going for the close' have now become outdated and even detrimental when long-term sales success often depends upon relationships, trust and tailored solutions for solving your customer's problems.

Seven week 'Tools of Influence' eVideo program

How do you keep the momentum going long after your speaker leaves? Ask us about following a Chris Helder presentation with his high impact evideo program, to make sure the messages take hold!

Contact us

December 4th 2012 About
Sydney office
  • Postal Address: PO Box 145, Leichhardt NSW 2040
Sydney office
  • Street Address: 2755 Torry Ct, Carlsbad, CA 92009, USA

Commonwealth Bank


Usually I am very critical of presenters, but I have just been to our breakfast forum and seen one of the best. Chris Helder is brilliant! Chris is young, vibrant, and passionate, has great content and is really into changing behaviours.

DMP Marketing


It's not just the exuberance, nor the passion. It’s not even just about the remarkable content. With Chris Helder you know he just gets it. He READS his brief, knows who he’s talking to – then gets a feel for the audience in the first 30 seconds. Wham! Everyone engaged, along for the ride and soaking up his invaluable insights and lessons"



As a result of Chris's skills the program was enjoyable and quickly absorbed. There have been immediate improved results in behaviour and increased selling skills.

Volkswagen Financial Services Australia


Excellent. Having sat through countless motivational speakers - Chris would rate as the best. He overlapped business goals & personal - very important for people who spend so much time at work. Made me think

Breaking Down the E-Wall - Selling in the new reality

Business is different in the new reality the way we operate and make sales has and continues to change. People and brands are embracing the digital age and using technology and social media more than ever. The digital age has created a virtual electronic wall behind which our clients can now hide.  We all need to embrace the digital age that has provided our world with an unprecedented level of access to communication at the touch of a button. However face to face selling skills have not become redundant. If anything they've become more important than ever

  • Chris will explore the classic "E" Ping Pong timeline and how to break down the "E" Wall
  • Gives audiences specific tools designed to increase sales and shorten the sales cycle. You and your staff will learn modern tools and how to combine them with time-honoured techniques for sales professionals

The Power of Influence

This is the presentation that has made Chris one of the most popular presenters in Australia.

This powerful program makes an IMMEDIATE impact in the areas of communication and maximising the customer experience. Prepare for a HIGH ENERGY presentation that will leave participants with "tools" to PERSUADE and INFLUENCE. Chris has a fresh approach that concentrates on understanding those you are trying to influence, in order to create a stronger connection and ultimately results.

This presentation will help participants explore:

  • The greatest communication, persuasion and influencing tools that are practical and can be implemented immediately
  • Learn a list of "1%" behaviours that significantly improve your results and relationships
  • Increase your persuasion skills to get clients to take action


Brett King - Testimonials

We truly appreciate your insights about the bank and customers of today and the future...their changing behaviour and lifestyles, their attitudes towards new technologies, and their role in changing the future of financial services. It was indeed an honour and a rare privilege to have you as our guest speaker.

NAB Australia

Brett King - Testimonials

The examples King brought into the room were captivating. His perspective on the importance of customer behaviour is critical. Organisations must instead listen and adapt to customer behaviour”

Head of Google Finance, Australia and New Zealand

Brett King - Testimonials

“Brett delivered extraordinary insights to Google’s clients and partners in his BIG SHIFT presentation. At Google we are used to some big ideas and even bigger names, but Brett delivered a unique view that was truly surprising...”

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