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Scenario Planning Webinar with futurist Anders Sorman-Nilsson

June 4th 2019

Scenario Planning Webinar
with futurist Anders Sörman-Nilsson

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, Scenario Planning is the process of identifying your business’ most disruptive Drivers of Change (sociocultural, technological, economic, environmental and political), and mapping them out to envisage and plan for alternative future worlds.

By engaging in this thought experiment that combines science fiction and fact, you will enable yourself to cope with the exponential changes happening now and in the foreseeable future.

Futurists are not in the prediction game. We are in the preparation game, which means you need to prepare for all eventualities, and this is actually easier than you might think.

Join us in this complimentary webinar to learn how to immerse yourself in strategic thought experiments on your life’s most important projects - be it in your own business, life, or career. Through scenario planning strategy, you’ll be able to decode Drivers of Change and embrace the emerging possibilities so that you can be prepared - no matter what the future holds. 

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create alternative future worlds so that you can withstand future shock, regardless of tomorrow’s utopian or dystopian outcomes
  • Identify the most disruptive sociocultural, technological, economic, environmental and political (STEEP factor) drivers of change
  • Respond by creating 4 different future worlds that your business or life strategy needs to address

The results from completing this thought experiment will allow you to make better and more informed decisions when it comes to the future and what it may hold for you.

The Case for Character

May 17th 2019

Why trusted brands are more lucrative, loved and long-lasting.

In this revealing, practical and compelling keynote presentation, bestselling author and trend forecaster Michael McQueen highlights why character matters more than ever.

In the coming years, consumers will demand ever-greater transparency, trustworthiness and values-alignment from the brands and businesses they engage with - a trend that leaders and organisations ignore at their peril.

In this research-rich & compelling keynote presentation, audiences will discover:

  • Why the marketplace today is more skeptical and discerning - and how this creates an enormous opportunity.
  • How purpose-driven and values-based brands have proven to be more lucrative, loved, and longer lasting than their competitors.
  • How to build or rebuild trust through credibility, consistency, clarity and congruence.

Audience members will leave this session with a blueprint for becoming an individual, brand or organisation that stands for something - and reaps the rewards of doing so.

The CASE FOR CHARACTER is an ideal stand-alone conference keynote presentation or an extended half day program.

The Future of Customer Experience

May 16th 2019

The Future of Customer Experience: AI powered digital augmenting humans – will customer experience be supercharged?

The future of customer experience will be defined by the augmentation of customer service employees with AI powered digital technologies. By 2021 30% of all customer interactions will be conducted by automated machines and technology giants such as Amazon and Google are entering the enterprise customer experience field. This presentation will outline the state of the market with regard to customer experience and detail how to plan a customer experience strategy that is human+digital+ machine.

Key takeaways:

  • What customers actually want
  • Customer experience strategy
  • Human + machine customer experience jobs
  • Customer experience technologies
  • Omni channel management


July 7th 2019


July 5th 2019

Changenomics: Making change happen

May 9th 2019

Companies don’t change, people do. We need to stop talking about ‘managing’ and ‘surviving’ change, and learn to talk about driving change. Take a look around your business and think about your greatest challenges. I’ll bet you they are behaviour change challenges. You might be trying to increase innovation, improve collaboration across teams or silos, sell to customers differently, drive better leadership or enhance your culture… these are all behaviour change challenges.

In a world where change is so constant and so profound, there are few skills more important to cultivate than learning to drive behaviour change in our teams. It’s the key to solving our greatest problems and boosting our performance.

In this presentation we will:

  • Detail the five human responses to change that you will have seen in your business every day, but may never have had a label for
  • Examine a model for change based in the neuroscience of human behaviour that can empower us to more effectively change the way staff and customers think, act and buy in positive and constructive ways)
  • Look at management and leadership strategies to help ourselves and our teams more effectively navigate and promote change

Matter: Rising above the competition and becoming the obvious choice

May 9th 2019

It has never been harder to stand out. In B2B, B2C, and even job markets, it's getting harder and harder to differentiate, compete and win. There are many reasons for this: digitisation has flooded the market with content and competition; commoditisation is driving prices and margins down, making it harder to sustainably compete; rising complexity is making it harder for companies to articulate clear, relevant value propositions; and customer loyalty is “so 20th century”.

In this changing world, it’s no longer enough to be ‘good’ or ‘great’, we have to matter. This requires a deep connection to purpose, an ability to understand what our customers really buy, and insight into the true value that we can bring (and that no one else can).

In this session we will:

  • Bring a fresh perspective to the major disruptive forces that are redefining the way business is being done, and value is being created
  • Use inspiring, real-world case studies to show how a diverse array of companies are responding effectively
  • Give you the formula for effectively dealing with and thriving in times of disruption and change

Unleashing the power of innovation

May 9th 2019

In today’s market, companies that can’t innovate can’t survive. The market is changing so quickly that our ability to innovate now sits at the heart of remaining relevant and competitive in an ever-changing world. That’s probably why ‘innovation’ is one of the most discussed and debated topics at conferences, off-sites, workshops and strategy sessions around the country.

But most places can’t connect all the talk with real action, and in too many places innovation is simply as a buzzword. We need to develop a deeper and more practical understanding of what innovation is, in all its forms, and how we bring it to life. The truth is, innovation is a behaviour: you’re either doing it or you’re not. And learning the behaviours of innovation, and then finding ways to enable and promote them in your business, is the key to turning innovation from empty rhetoric to real-world change.

In this session we will:

  • Unpack the forces of change that mean we need to challenge assumptions about how we make innovation a living thing in our business
  • Examine the four types of innovation that can be used in your business to drive improved performance
  • Look at the behaviours of innovation, and how we enable and promote them as leaders across the business


October 18th 2019

Trends Report: Decoding Tomorrow

April 15th 2019

It’s hard for most of us to envisage the world in twenty years and beyond. This is oftentimes a failure of imagination and not possessing the thinking tools which allow us to peek into the day after tomorrow.

Being a futurist isn’t simply about just predicting what’s to come, it’s about opening up your mind and changing your mindset so that you can visualise and design the kind of future you want, and then work to create it.

As a futurist, Anders spends his days decoding trends, analysing key data and using (human and artificial) intelligence to discover and unlock the value these trends hold. In the Decoding Tomorrow trend report Aders shares his experiential insights into how we can all train ourselves to think like futurists.

Download the trend report

Business Developer - 4D Media Co

April 15th 2019

Thank you for making our event highly successful. You gave us much inspiration and guidance to create more conferences in Muscat, the Gulf Area and the Middle East.


November 15th 2019


November 8th 2019


April 11th 2019

Women in Leadership

March 25th 2019

Women in Leadership - Start Up & STEM

Dr Catriona Wallace shares her story of being a leader of an Artificial Intelligence company in the US and Australia, being in Financial Services, seeking investment funding in a predominately male market and being one of the few women leading a Listed technology company whilst raising 5 children. Catriona, using humour and real-life examples, will share her experiences and unconventional ways of navigating difficult environments in order to be successful.

Key take aways include how to be:

  • A woman of power and an authentic leader
  • A Good Man, supportive of women
  • An Un-MotherComfortable in the Long Hall of Mirrors
  • Dealing with life when everything is on fire - all the time.

AI Strategy: Business, Human Rights and Ethics

March 25th 2019

AI Strategy: Centers of Excellence, Human Rights & Ethics

We are at an unprecedented time in history, with AI predicted to replace 40% of jobs in Retail, Tourism, Hospitality, Banking, Insurance and Finance by 2026. How do organisations prepare for this transformation and implement AI for good? Dr Wallace will presents the state of the market for AI & Machine Learning and shares how organisations should think about setting up AI Centres of Excellence including Human Rights and Ethics frameworks.

Key takeaways include:

  • State of the market – AI & Machine Learning
  • AI Strategy planning & Roadmap development
  • Developing AI Centres of Excellence
  • Developing Human Right & Ethics frameworks

Human + Machine

March 25th 2019

Human + Machine: The Rise of A.I.

AI is now the fastest growing technology sector globally, expanding in investment 12-fold over the next 5 years. AI is one of the top three strategies for the world’s leading companies and is expected to replace 2 millions jobs in the next two years. It’s time for all organisations to plan how they will address this transformational force. In this presentation Dr Catriona Wallace will define and discuss AI, Machine Learning and types of AI including:

  • Machine Learning    
  • Computer Vision    
  • Conversational Platforms    
  • Autonomous Machines    
  • Data Science and Analytics

Also presented will be the current state of the market, investment, best Use Cases and how organisations should be thinking and planning for this tsunami of change that is coming.

Key takeaways include:

  • Definitions of AI
  • Market size and forces
  • How to determine best Use Cases
  • AI planning and getting started

Register for the 2019 Ode Speaker Showcase

March 19th 2019

2019 Dare Speaker Showcase

DARE 2019 Speaker Showcase

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Watch the 2018 Speaker Showcase Highlights

Artificial intelligence isn't scary

March 14th 2019

Artificial intelligence isn't scary, says the founder and CEO of Flamingo AI. But, as she details in the March 2019 issue of Quantas Magazine, ethics have never been more important.

22 Oct 19 - NZ

October 22nd 2019


February 20th 2019

Escape from the dark side of distractions to live a better life

Somewhere along the way, we have become distracted. Maybe we don’t realize the extent to which our everyday rituals, favorite devices and apps, or where we focus our attention is affecting us. Reading Lifescale is like holding up a mirror, and revealing a new you, as your obsessive relationship with distractions melts away. From simple first steps to reclaiming your attention, to becoming more satisfied, inspired, and creative, this book will lead you through your own journey of lifescaling: redefining success on your own terms.

Who’s in charge of your destiny? Is it you? If you find yourself unable to go longer than a few minutes without checking your phone, or falling victim to some other digital distraction, you aren’t alone. As author Brian Solis documents, the corrosive effects of distractions and multitasking are of great importance—and you know you’re capable of more. Read this book to learn (and unlearn) how you can master the gifts of focus and creativity, and stop letting distractions master you.

Lifescaling is about:

  • Being present and mindful in your physical life and your digital life
  • Breaking the cycle of instant gratification to think critically and creatively
  • Living and working in the now, without mentally wandering elsewhere, worrying about missing out, or waiting impatiently for the next thing
  • Wasting less time on distractions, so you can spend more time doing what you love with whom you love
  • Fostering creativity and imagination through powerful and life-changing daily rituals


June 25th 2019

Purpose - Aligned Leadership

February 4th 2019

Purpose is the answer to the question: “Over and above making money, why does our organization exist?” The answer to this question should be informed by the unique contribution that your organization aspires to make. Sounding good is not enough. For a purpose to be of true value to a company it must, for example, be: But although this is a simple question, many companies and leaders struggle to answer it in a way that is truly valuable. One reason for this is that many leaders confuse definition with process. Although purpose answers “why?”, simply asking this question is typically not sufficient to generate a useful answer.

A good answer must be more than a nice sounding platitude, or an abstract goal. It should exist as a filter for all organizational decisions and practices; and should be embedded into the way that you and your employees do business every day. If not, you may have a marketing slogan that you call ‘your purpose,’ but it won’t contribute any value to your organization beyond some nice copy


January 31st 2019

Your messaging really resonated - as it showed that you practise what you preach, and brought in that Human element that we could connect to.


January 24th 2019

Skill, Substance and Closing the 5 Gaps that Prevent World Class Performance

  • Explore the 5 critical gaps that hold even the highest performers back.
  • Uncover and amplify hidden strengths and growth opportunities.
  • Trigger immediate and observable changes in behavior and performance. 

We find ourselves in a time of massive and accelerating change characterized by overwhelm, distraction, and truth be told, a little confusion.

That’s not a new insight at all.

But what is so easily lost on people is that a changing context not only offers massive new opportunity, but necessarily demands a different approach to performance, impact and growth.

This inspiring and provocative session, powerfully converges insights from depth psychology, mythology and business best practice to offer an entirely new approach to creating extraordinary results.

Through keynote presentation and immersive workshops, Phill Nosworthy teaches how to Converge the very skills and traits that for too long have been dangerously siloed and isolated.

By the end of the session you will know how to Converge your:

  1. Skill and Character - your talent < > the substance of who you are.
  2. Knowledge and Application - what you know < > what you put into practice.
  3. Identity and Reputation - who you think you are < > who ‘they’ say you are.
  4. Intention and Action - what you plan to do < > what you actually do.
  5. Confidence and Courage - how you feel < > what you are truly capable of. 

This program is ideal for

  • Front line staff
  • Leaders of teams
  • High performers
  • Senior executives

Deloitte Australia

January 22nd 2019

He has a unique ability to open the eyes of the audience in a positive way. Mike tailors his speech to his audience and is excellent in delivery.

Mercedes Benz Financial Services

January 22nd 2019

Very insightful and full of powerful content.


January 22nd 2019

You made a great contribution to the success of our meeting and have given inspiration to move our marketing into a new ballpark.

RHB Bank

January 22nd 2019

A wake-up call for us to prepare for the needs of the next generation.


January 22nd 2019

Mike bridged IT legacy practices with the future reality.

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

January 22nd 2019

Loved the presentation and gained a greater understanding of the need for us to move forward quickly to engage our people and our customers.

BBVA Compass

January 22nd 2019

The presentation was spot on.


January 22nd 2019

Stunning—one of the best and most engaging presentations I have witnessed!

Montreal Convention Centre

January 22nd 2019

The one session that I will share and use because it gives a structure to driving innovation and thinking strategically.


January 22nd 2019

I liked your premise of customer-focused innovation and finding out the “one thing” that would make the board spill their coffee.

VANTIX Tecnologia, Brasil

January 22nd 2019

You transformed the 5 big trends in IT into something much more useful for how to plan our companies.


January 22nd 2019

You pinpointed a number of observations relevant for me in my every day work as a leader.

Red Bull

January 22nd 2019

Amazingly fresh presentation with tons of thought leadership and practical actions to take the next step in evolving our teams.

Sony Mexico

January 22nd 2019

The session inspired me a lot. The insights into the future are a great eye opener.

Sony Entertainment

January 22nd 2019

You rocked it!

Bentley Motors Limited

January 22nd 2019

The reaction was the best I have seen anywhere. It was inspirational and most importantly supported our outlook.


January 22nd 2019

Not only was he a very accomplished speaker, the content of his presentation was more than fascinating.

BBC Worldwide

January 22nd 2019

Mike Walsh keeps astonishing digital pioneers time and time again.

Santander Consumer USA

January 18th 2019

Amazing Energy!  Authentic spirit.  Our people loved him and he connected well with not only our attendees, but also our leadership.

GDAY18 Better Together conference

January 9th 2019
He had the audience at ‘hello’. His talk is all we have been talking about today.
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