Bouncing Forward Thought Leadership

Ever wondered what it's like when you die?
Been in a situation where death may simply be easier?
Wondered what it would be like if you could bounce out of your rut to a life where you are in control?
Have you ever wondered what you would do if you were given a second chance to live the life of your dreams?

The 5 principles of Bounce Theory will ignite YOU AND YOUR TEAM to not just bounce back, but BOUNCE FORWARD stronger, greater and better than you could have ever imagined.


Bounce Principle 1 – Crisis Moments Create Opportunity

Crisis moments create opportunity (Change Leadership)

Problems and crises ignite our greatest creativity and thought leadership as it forces us to

  • focus on things outside the norm.
  • Unpacking the cycle of a crisis moment
  • Discovering frustrations as it leads to change
  • The uncovering of real problems to create real solutions

Metaphor: It's like when we run out of money or we are very low in our budget this week, we discover new opportunities where to save more and make more and realize that every dollar counts.

Every organisation has a crisis or a problem within. Be real about the problem, do not ignore it but tackle it full on. Uncover all of its aspect and begin to fix it.

This is the point of make or break. Decisive decisions need to be made in order to bounce. You will have no bounce if tough decisions are not made. This is crucial time.

You have made it to the point in the cycle where things will begin to turn around. This can also be the most trying time because it is the lowest point of the cycle. Stick & you will not regret it

You have got through the most difficult time, things are looking up and more and more opportunities are coming your way. Continue to create and innovate and discover the opportunities that are everywhere.

Bounce Forward
You cannot have the same thinking that got you in the crisis in the first place. It's not about bouncing back from the crisis, but it's about being the thought leader and enjoying the rewards of coming through the Bounce Cycle

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Bouncing Forward Thought Leadership

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