Branding in real estate

Flooded with options, where does one start when looking to purchase a property? The number one route is through word of mouth. Clever branding and a stellar experience can create endless strings of valuable leads. A few ingredients which I think would be essential, are:

1) Fun & Familiarity

Countless real estate websites are littered with cold, serious, photographs and bland bios. Humor and history is inviting. Share your personal story, as it is your brand's DNA. This element cannot be duplicated and helps separate you from the rest of the noise. While you're at it, jazz up your photos with different background colors, casual clothing, or at least a smile.

2) Design Updates

It makes me queasy me when profitable industries skimp out on essentials like a website redesign or premium business cards. The return on investment is massive and almost instant. There are branding elements you can use to up your game, like custom typography, a new logo, a mascot, or special edition merchandise like this t-shirt we baked up for the Next Home conference.

3) Social Presence

May free tools are under utilized. They don't take a rocket scientist to use, either. Simply document your journey. Score testimonials to repost, take photos of the properties you've worked on, and converse with potential clients and colleagues from your industry.

4) Specialty Builds Authority

Specializing in a certain type of property can give you a level up. Do you want to buy a sandwich from a shop that sells a little bit of everything, or from a place that only makes sandwiches? Someone may opt to hire you to sell them on open spaced properties if that's your shtick. You will appear to be an authority on the sole item you specialize in.

5) Events

Events foster real relationships. Making time to network beyond your social circle can yield great results. Make time to meet people face to face. Want to make an even larger impact? Go the extra mile and set up your own event where people not only come to you. Play your cards right, and high-paying sponsors will hop on board and attendees walking away feeling inspired.

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Branding in real estate

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