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Brett King

Brett King is the founder & CEO of Moven Innovator. Futurist. Bestselling Author.

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Brett King is widely considered the foremost global expert on retail banking innovation and optimized customer experience.

He is the CEO and founder of the world’s first downloadable bank - Moven, named in the top 10 “coolest brands in banking” and has achieved international recognition for his books ‘Bank 2.0’, ‘Bank 3.0’, ‘Branch Today - Gone Tomorrow’, ‘Breaking Banks’ and his latest ‘Augmented’ - each topping the global bestseller lists around the world.

Host of "BREAKING BANK$" a radio show on AM 1160 and Voice America [a network featuring over 9 million monthly listeners], King uncovers new waves in FinTech—one of the fastest growing industries in the world today. Known as an award winning innovator, disruptor as well as futurist, Brett is frequently featured as a commentator on CNBC, Bloomberg, Financial Times, The Economist, Huffington Post and The Banker magazine.

Brett travels the globe speaking to leading brands like Google, Microsoft and Oracle, sharing his disruptive insights and the new rules of engagement for the fundamental shifts in consumer behavior and technology.

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Bank 3.0

Bank 3.0

In BANK 3.0 Brett King looks at the latest trends that are redefining financial services and payment. He shows that the gap between customer and financial services players is rapidly growing, leaving massive opportunities for new, non-bank competitors to totally disrupt the industry

BANK 2.0

BANK 2.0

How customer behavior and technology will change the future of financial services exposes the massive flaws in the retail banking system due to dramatic shifts that have taken place in customer behavior and the complete failure of banks to recognize and respond to those shifts. The key message is that the banking system is broken, not because of regulation, but because banks just don’t understand or care about their customers anymore.

Book: Augmented: Life In the Fast Lane

Book: Augmented: Life In the Fast Lane

Augmented: Life in the Smart Lane is available for pre-order. The book is currently in pre-production for print, and will be released May 2016.

The Internet and smartphone are just the latest in a 250 year long cycle of disruption that has continuously changed the way we live, the way we work and the way we interact. The coming Augmented Age, however, promises a level of disruption, behavioral shifts and changes that are unparalleled. While consumers today are camping outside of an Apple store waiting to be one of the first to score a new Apple Watch or iPhone, the next generation of wearables will be able to predict if we're likely to have a heart attack and recommend a course of action. We watch news of Google's self-driving cars, but don't likely realize this means progressive cities will have to ban human drives in the next decade because us humans are too risky.

Following on from the Industrial or Machine Age, the Space Age and the Digital Age, the Augmented Age will be based on four key disruptive themes - Artificial Intelligence, Experience Design, Smart Infrastructure, and HealthTech. Historically the previous 'ages' bought significant disruption and changes, but on a net basis jobs were created, wealth was enhanced, and the health and security of society improved. What will the Augmented Age bring? Will robots take our jobs, and AI's subsume us as inferior intelligences, or will this usher in a new age of abundance?

Augmented is a book on future history, but more than that, it is a story about how you will live your life in a world that will change more in the next 20 years than it has in the last 250 years. Are you ready to adapt? Because if history proves anything, you don't have much of a choice.

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