Calm Courage, Resounding Resilience, Tacit Grit in Times of Crisis

Amongst all the chaos, panic, fear and confusion of the Corona virus, I believe there's never been a more exciting time now in business and in life. We always talk about innovation and evolution and becoming the change, but we often leave it a little bit too late because we operate with a business as usual mindset.

Now we are forced to innovate. We are forced to evolve. We are forced to become the change. However, if there is one thing I know for certain it's that during challenging times such as this leadership is vital.

My restaurant Red Lantern has been in business for 20 years in what is a very challenging, fickle and competitive industry. We have survived a multitude of economic downturns. We have survived a multitude of social panics. If there's one thing we know about it's that people will always follow the leader who incites the most hope - The leader who shows calm, courage, resonating resilience and tacit grit. Your people will always follow the leader who shows up with dignity, grace and poise - Not the leader who panics and becomes fearful and gets overwhelmed. We cannot let fear determine our future. Tough times don't last, but tough people do.

As part of my keynotes, I have a topic called The Obstacle Is The Way. Obstacles don't inhibit our success. Obstacles create our success. It's about how we respond to obstacles. The operative word being respond and not react. How we respond to obstacles is what will define our success.

I understand that during these times we need to innovate.

That's not always possible. I am also a trained facilitator. I am a teacher in multiple platforms and I can teach you and your team how to regulate your somatic body so that you can fear less, stress less and become unshakeable in business and in life. I teach breathwork. I teach mindset, I teach heart set, I teach health set - And most of all, I teach how to uplift the human spirit so that we can do our best work and remain inspired. Your people will always follow the leader with calm, courage, resonating resilience and tacit grit.

As a leader, we are always being watched.

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