March 9th 2023 Adam Spencer

Whether you get Adam to deliver a keynote address or host your entire event, laugh and learn with one of Australia’s most dynamic and engaging minds.

March 1st 2023 Positions Available

I am looking for an experienced personal assistant (part time, WFH), based in Sydney, to assist me in running, managing, and growing our global brands. You will be someone who has had experience working in the corporate world as an assistant but most importantly is familiar with our industry, its stakeholders and our world.

January 26th 2023 Christian Boucousis - Testimonials

We had heaps of awesome feedback from Boo's session. His skill as a speaker to make people go on a journey of change and live their own experiences is a unique one.

January 13th 2023 Pauline Nguyen - Testimonials

Pauline was highly responsive to the audience, enthralling and capturing their creative minds. We highly recommend Pauline as a speaker who succeeds in exposing leaders to the limitless landscapes of leadership.

January 13th 2023 Dr Catriona Wallace - Testimonials

Catriona acted as an agent to elevate student voices at the school leaders conference, students felt comfortable in sharing their views on the impacts of future technologies on their learning experience in schools. Catriona is an amazing speaker and highly recommended by Conference delegates.

November 28th 2022 Bruce Turkel - Topics
August 31st 2022 Pauline Nguyen - Testimonials

Pauline took us on a journey, she made us laugh, she made us cry and she inspired us to improve ourselves. Pauline connected with us, touched us all and left us forever changed.

August 31st 2022 Pauline Nguyen - Testimonials

Pauline was captivating, arresting our 600-strong audience the second she took the stage, and displayed a generosity of spirit from brief to prep to execution, making our partnership a real privilege and pleasure.

August 30th 2022 Dr Catriona Wallace - Testimonials

Dr Wallace was professional to work with and her presentation was inspirational and engaging and proved to be a highlight of our program for delegates. We wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again on future events.

August 1st 2022 Michael McQueen - Testimonials

Michael was such a great speaker for our event – simply superb. He excited the audience with his knowledge of technology and of the future – people were mesmerised with his every word.

August 1st 2022 Michael McQueen - Testimonials

Michael took the time to understand our member's needs and craft such engaging and relevant content which was above and beyond our expectations. The value he brought was truly appreciated by all the team.

August 1st 2022 Michael McQueen - Testimonials

Michael McQueen was incredible. His presentation, content and delivery was second to none!

August 1st 2022 Michael McQueen - Testimonials

The ultimate professional! Very engaging, interesting and delivers his message in a very professional manner. Michael had to tailor his delivery to meet our tight schedule. He did so without missing a beat - and he rated highly in our post conference critique!

August 1st 2022 Michael McQueen - Testimonials

Michael was a standout presenter at our conference and continues to receive positive feedback, easily capturing the attention of the audience with his insight into human nature.

July 18th 2022 Yossi Ghinsberg - Topics
July 18th 2022 Trending

You may have seen the movie Top Gun, now experience the real thing. Afterburner are the real fighter pilots who share their secrets to succeeding 98% of the time.

July 6th 2022 Article attachment

Market Economics Managing Director and keynote Speaker Stephen Koukoulas spoke with Bloomberg Markets Asia regarding the RBA and the inflation surge.  As a keynote speaker and panellist Stephen is often asked to discuss the economy with diverse audiences due to his ability to turn complex economic analysis into terms mere mortals can understand.  

June 22nd 2022 Dr Catriona Wallace - Topics
June 20th 2022 Bruce Turkel - Testimonials

Bruce's presentation was spot on. It’s been a game changer. Taking his approach [already] fostered some truly meaningful engagement. I appreciated his commitment to helping all better ourselves and grow.

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