June 26th 2023 Gaby Natale - Products
June 26th 2023 Gaby Natale - Testimonials

After watching one of Gaby’s acceptance speeches from the EMMYs, I knew instantly that her story would connect with our community. She proved that in her TED talk and we invited her back… this time as emcee. She, in many ways, is the inspiration for our event this year. As Gaby says, pioneers move the world forward and through this event we hope the ideas shared on our virtual stage will do the same.

June 26th 2023 Gaby Natale - Testimonials

Gaby Natale is engaging, inspiring and a true role model for women of all generations to look up. Her story of perseverance and triumph is very powerful.

June 26th 2023 Gaby Natale - Testimonials

Gaby Natale is a true inspiration. Whether it’s sharing stories of being true to yourself and owning your power or delivering actionable advice to help advance your career, Gaby’s unique perspective leaves you feeling empowered, driven and ready for what comes next.

June 26th 2023 Gaby Natale - Testimonials

As a powerful Latina, with her own resilient story, Gaby continues to inspire Latinas and all women with her entrepreneurial spirit! We appreciate Gaby bringing so much energy and enthusiasm. Her leadership and passion for the greater cause and pay-it-forward attitude is noble and appreciated by many.

June 26th 2023 Gaby Natale - Topics
June 26th 2023 Gaby Natale - Topics
June 23rd 2023 Afterburner - Testimonials

Afterburner armed us with the right tools and mindset needed to maintain a high-performance environment. It was a fantastic and highly engaging immersive exercise.

June 23rd 2023 Afterburner - Testimonials

The weaving in of the messaging and outcomes we had discussed before the event was brilliant. All delegates felt the relevance of the session to their work. We've already had fantastic feedback on the session from our GMs and leaders.

June 20th 2023 promotions

We're offering you the chance to fly in an Albatros L-39 Fighter Jet! The jet that is used to train real fighter pilots! Confirm a booking with Christian 'Boo' Boucousis before the end of 2021 for your chance to secure this amazing life-changing experience!

June 7th 2023 Chris Skinner - Products
May 31st 2023 Pauline Nguyen - Testimonials

Every so often, there is a speaker who graces a stage and creates a seismic shift in the energy of the room. Pauline Nguyen knows how to transfer her knowledge and experience in a way that creates inspired and insightful opportunities for change and growth.

May 31st 2023 Pauline Nguyen - Topics
May 31st 2023 Pauline Nguyen - Testimonials

An incredible share of values, insights and transformation. Pauline’s presentation style made me feel like she and I were the only people in the room.

May 21st 2023 Hrish Lotlikar
May 21st 2023 Daniel 'Fuzz' Walker

From non-profits to titans of industry FuZZ has shared the "Flawless Execution" methodology with thousands of leaders across the globe.

May 21st 2023 Tracey Spicer

Award winning author, journalist, broadcaster, and anchor for national programs on ABC TV and radio, Network Ten, and Sky News committed to shedding light on critical topics.

May 1st 2023 Christian Boucousis - Topics
April 17th 2023 James O'Loghlin - Testimonials

James O’Loghlin did an amazing job as our MC for our Virtual Conference this year. We received many compliments on the professionalism of our event which was achieved by having James as our MC. James demonstrated a passion for innovation and was great in interacting with our speakers during the Q&A sessions.

April 4th 2023 Gaby Natale

Triple EMMY award winner, bestselling author, and entrepreneur Gaby Natale helps organizations embrace their uniqueness, break barriers, and redefine what is possible.

March 28th 2023 Michael McQueen - Testimonials

Michael's address at the International Baccalaureate Global Conference was incredibly eye-opening. His ability to crystallize of all the complexities of the current world into what is meaningful for teaching and learning was phenomenal.

March 27th 2023 Trending

Adam Spencer is one of Australia's most popular mathematicians and science communicators who has a keen interest in sustainability. In his talks, Spencer draws on his expertise in mathematics to highlight the importance of data in driving sustainable business practices. He emphasizes the need for businesses to measure and monitor their environmental impact, as well as the role of technology in helping to achieve sustainability goals.

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