Prepare for the trends that will dominate a post-COVID world

There is no doubt that recent times have been tumultuous and challenging. Disruption has become a very real and very tangible concept to all of us, and yet times of crisis create a great opportunity for those who are prepared.

As this storm subsides and a new era dawns, smart leaders recognize that now is the time to gear up for what comes next.

In my new book The New Now I help audiences unpack some of the key trends that we've seen accelerate since the outset of the pandemic.

Trends forecaster, speaker, & best-selling author
Michael McQueen

Michael McQueen - The New Now

Gain the insights into the 10 trends that will shape the future.
Don't wait for change to hit before you adapt. Learn how to re-invent yourself before you are forced to.

What others are saying

Michael has a rare ability to pinpoint what’s occurring at a global level. The New Now offers fascinating and thought-provoking insights into the critical themes emerging in COVID’s wake.
Debby Blakey - CEO, HESTA
This thought-provoking book offers a lightning-bolt of inspiration for future-proofing any brand. Michael’s insights are super fresh and are the perfect jump start for strategic planning.
Victoria Brown - Marketing Director, Swarovski
The New Now is a must-read book. In his characteristic style, Michael offers powerful insights into the things that will shape business, life and culture in the years to come.
Neil J. Solomon - Vice President, Asia Pacific/Latin America, UKG
The New Now is a compelling read for anyone who wants to understand the way the world has changed post-COVID. Michael gives readers the tools necessary to remain relevant into the future.
Russell Zimmerman - Past Executive Director, the Australian Retailers Association
The New Now is essential reading for anyone who wants to navigate the future with confidence. Michael brings refreshing simplicity to complex concepts.
Maria Voronina - Strategic Planning Manager, Chobani
Michael has a succinct way of dissecting trends and their real-world application to the business world.
Sue-Lin Tin - Head of Digital Solutions & Innovation, CBRE
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