As International Women's Day approaches for the events industry our minds have turned to what it means to be a woman in the modern business world. 

Speaking to the vast number of dynamic women of all ages that we at Ode have the pleasure of dealing with, one thing really stood out. We all collectively believe it's up to us to change the languaging around how we describe ourselves and our sisters.

For too many years we've been told that a man is 'assertive' but a woman is 'bossy' and that throwing 'like a girl' is a bad thing - and it's our young girls that feel the effect the most.

So if we are going to continue the fight for equal pay, equal respect and more women in leadership roles we need to reframe what it means to lead 'like a girl'. This powerful video created by Always is making real steps towards challenging the notion of female empowerment - we would love you to watch it and tell us what you think 'like a girl' means on our facebook page.

For the team here at Ode, working with three world class speakers such as Matina Jewell, Kieran Flanagan and Lisa McInnes-Smith provides us with constant inspiration - from challenging ourselves to push our limits, thinking of ways to harness our humanity with our clients or finding ways to lead ourselves better, these women are forever reminding us that leading #likeagirl is truly empowering.

And if you are going to be celebrating International Women's Day in your organisation, jump on the phone and chat to us about any of the incredible female minds you've seen in this newsletter - 02 9818 5199.

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