Finding the Third Space Between Check-In & Touch Down

Travel can be a stressful process, for both your colleagues in the travel industry and also your consumer. Picture this, your customer has made it to the airport by the skin of their teeth thanks some cabby’s blatant disregard for the rules of the road and now somehow they’ve survived the briskest body search of their life through security.

Whilst this may paint a rather funny picture, it's not exactly conducive to bringing your A-game to that all-important meeting.

Believe it or not, if you work in the travel industry you have the power to impact how your customers show up to the next part of their day.

What I’m about to share with you can not only be used by your clients and facilitated and encouraged by your processes and staff, but it is a tool that you and your staff can use on a day to day basis to increase productivity at work and home!

Most of our everyday lives are taken up with micro-transitions, those little pockets of time between one task and the next. It is these, seemingly insignificant moments that determine our productivity in each area of our lives.

Whether you are at check-in dealing with one frustrated traveller after another, or you are moving from a stressful meeting back home to your family, it is how you make use of my ‘Third Space’ formula that will make the biggest impact in how effectively you transition into your next role.

Those CEO’s, sales people and travel consultants that make use of this gap in activity, however brief, report a 41 percent improvement in their behavior whether they are walking in the front door to their families, or moving from one angry flyer to the next.

So how can you, your staff and your customers implement the Third Space?

These are three very easy steps you can take between the task you are doing (the first space) and your next activity (the second space):


Take time to look back on what just happened and ask yourself ‘what went well?’ ‘What could be improved on?’ ‘How do I feel looking back on this?’


Whether that is listening to music in the car, going for a run with the dog or simply sitting still for a few hours and relaxing mid air…


Think about the situation you are about to move into and ask yourself ‘what is my intention?’ ‘What behavior do I want to exhibit?’ ‘How do I want to show-up?’

I urge you to try this over the next seven days and encourage your colleagues to try this too. I guarantee that not only will you feel more ‘on the ball’ and in control but you will see a marked improvement in the behavior of those around you too and, as a result, the experience your clients receive.

Then perhaps, armed with this understanding, we can start to have a real discussion about how we can support and innovate the around the concept of the Third Space and the role it has to play in the travel industry and the experience of those who place their journeys in your hands.

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Finding the Third Space Between Check-In & Touch Down

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