Fin-services look to AI to solve pandemic related organisational issues

On the back of the pandemic, we have seen the financial services sector fare better than most others however it has also gone through a significant disruption to its workforce. Most financial services companies sent their employees home to work. They then faced challenges with employees not being able to access information and files on-premises as well as employees being unable to collaborate effectively, not being face to face.

The solution? Banks, insurance companies and other fin-services organisations have turned to technologies such as artificial intelligence and virtual communications tools. The investment into AI globally increased by 19% during the first 3 months of COVID-19. Financial services companies were the big consumers of AI as they looked to enhance knowledge retrieval, automate processes, enable collaboration and use advanced analytics to figure out what the future might look like for their customers. I believe for financial services companies this will be the new norm, that we will not revert back to the old methods and that AI will be heavily invested in so that it can augment humans and potentially replace manual systems. And hopefully, given there are few laws or regulations that govern the use of AI, that this will be done ethically, and we avoid incidences such as the Apple Card algorithm challenge that went viral.

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Fin-services look to AI to solve pandemic related organisational issues

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