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Introducing the ode in residence program. While consulting is invaluable to corporations we've discovered that making our people part of the team has extra benefits. Residencies can be short (ie. a twelve-month project) or commissioned on a long term basis.

Mark Schulman

Rockstar in residence

This program takes Mark’s philosophy of being “your own personal Rockstar” to a completely new level! This is a 6 or 12-month program with Mark delivering a new customized short video module each month that Mark calls a “burst of motivation”! The modules would be co-designed with your client to support any messaging that they want to get out to their team and/or to build upon the themes of Mark’s keynote. They would be able to display the videos on their internal website, email them to each employee individually, show them at team meetings, and/or post them on social media…however they would like to use them.

If ROCKSTAR in Residence is booked in conjunction with a keynote, Mark will introduce it at the close of his presentation. If it is booked as a stand-alone program, Mark will join a virtual team meeting live or provide a pre-recorded message at no additional cost to introduce the program and get everyone pumped up. The idea for the program came from a testimonial sent by a meeting planner who had booked Mark for a virtual keynote. She wrote: “We could all use a regular dose of Mark!” That is especially true during the pandemic and got us thinking about how we could deliver that “regular dose of Mark”…and ROCKSTAR in Residence was born.

James O'Loghlin

Innovator in residence

To be effective, innovation needs to become a practice, a habit. Having an idea is just the beginning. Innovation happens step by step via a structured process. James O’Loghlin’s “Innovator in Residence” program helps organisations move through all the stages of the innovative process and create a truly innovative culture. The program can include in-person visits, webinars, workshops, as well as bespoke sessions for different levels and groups within the organisation. For example:

  1. Regular videos that remind staff of the importance of innovation, inspire them to want to be innovative and give them practical strategies to help them to be innovative.
  2. Visits from James where he encourages and teaches the process of innovation. James’ visits help to make everyone accountable for the progress they have made.
  3. On his visits, James can share insights on:
    • How to have ideas
    • Pitching ideas
    • Developing ideas
    • Trialling ideas
    • Building an innovation pipeline
    • Creating an innovative culture
    • Evaluating and judging ideas
    • Listening to feedback from customers and others
    • Improving ideas
    • Implementing ideas
  4. Helping leaders create a truly innovative organisational culture, in which people are always looking to not just do their job, but to work out ways of doing their job better.
  5. Consulting on specific innovative projects the organisation is working on.
Pauline Nguyen

Well-being specialist in residence


  • Online and face-to-face
  • Workshops
  • Mastermind groups leadership circles.

Online training videos available too


When you feel like you are pushing a heavy boulder up an endless hill, you know there has to be a better way.  Pauline’s Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator program is there to show you the way. This 3 month program is a must for those who are ready to learn how to improve their outlook on life and change the old patterns of behaviour that weren’t getting them to where they wanted to be!

What I liked most is that each week, Pauline gave us impactful and effective practical tools to practice throughout the week. All tools were realistically possible amongst a busy schedule. Personally, I feel the happiest I have all year.

From all the learnings of the Spiritual Entrepreneur Accelerator course, I am now accepting of who I am. I am crystal clear on what I need to do daily to be who I want to be, and to feel how I want to feel along the journey.

Julie SextonFounder / DirectorTalk HQ

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