The language of brands

It’s often said that the marketers need to learn the language of the board. I’m not so sure this is right. From what I see it’s more the case that the board needs to learn the language of the marketers, and that language is brand. 

Unfortunately, for whatever reason 'brand' is seen as airy-fairy, and not really real - or worse, it's seen as the advertising and promotions budget, or just the emotional bit of what a business does.  Here are two more fundamental throughts of what a brand is.  

Firstly, a brand is a promise kept - it's simply the promise a business makes to the consumer. However, too often organsisations see brands as the interface between the consumer and the organisation: what the consumer buys. However, perhaps more importantly, in order to deliver on that promise the brand is also the central organising thought. What the entire organisation must work together on to deliver.

Secondly, create a strong central organising throught that the entire company understands and can work towards - then reflect that to the consumer - and you're a long way down the road to business success. It's easy to write about - but very hard to do.

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The language of brands

Adam Ferrier is the founder of THINKERBELL, an agency that creates 'measured magic'. Adam is one of the leading consumer psychologists in Australia, a brand strategist and an authority on Behavioural Economics. He's also the author of “The Advertising Effect” and part of The Australian Creatives’ ‘Power 20’; A regular on the Gruen Transfer and featured on The Project, Celebrity Apprentice and ABC Radio.

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