What does the future of branding hold?

August 5th 2019

The old world of B2B branding is extinct. The age of the digitally distributed brand has dawned. To ensure your brand is amplified you must develop plausible future scenarios and narrative arcs that engage your audience.

Have you struggled to achieve the brand signal that your role demands?
Is "corporate speak" getting in the way of connecting with tomorrow's customers?
Has your brand transformed, yet you are struggling to get the word about the "Future Brand" out to customers & media?

Only when you have built their confidence in the unknown have you earned the right to transcend your client's organisations into that impending eco system - and guarantee their success. Only when their minds have been opened to the limitless possibilities will they consider you as their transformation partner.

As a global futurist, my role is to share avant-garde ideas that expand minds and inspire a change of heart. Since 2005, I have passionately been highlighting and accelerating transformational innovations that shape a more humane future.

Think of a Brand Ambassador as someone who amplifies a particular type of signal. Have you ever had the experience of a poor wifi connection, which was solved when you installed a wifi booster? Well, a Brand Ambassador is kind of like that. By independently endorsing a brand (and their associated products and services) a Brand Ambassador lends outside weight to a brand's signal and ensures it cuts through noise and competitive signals.

In my capacity as a futurist and keynote speaker, I have been amplifying brands, ideas, and research on 4 continents to tens of thousands of audiences across every conceivable psychographic and demographic - in person - and augmenting signal via analogue and digital top end international media. The future is learning how to craft your "corporate speak" into an engaging, future-oriented narrative that wins both digital minds and analogue hearts.

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