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The Future of Work: Preparing for Tomorrow

March 25th 2024

As we stand on the cusp of a new era characterised by rapid technological advancement and generational shifts, understanding the key trends shaping the future of work is paramount. The ability to lead high-performance hybrid teams, adapt to generational changes, and navigate the competitive landscape with agility will define the success of leaders and organisations in the coming years.

Brenard Grobler - CEO, Greenstone Pty Ltd

Michael McQueen - Testimonials

Michael is a brilliant speaker and his 4 interactive virtual sessions for our leadership team were very insightful.

Maria Voronina - Strategic Planning Manager, Chobani

Michael McQueen - Testimonials

Michael is an inspiring, knowledgeable, entrepreneurial and visionary professional who has been a fantastic support to the Chobani business over the past two years. I can confidently say that Michael has been instrumental in helping our business address the opportunities and challenges ahead of us. Michael is restless in his curiosity and possesses a genuine desire to help businesses grow. I cannot wait to see what our collaboration brings in the future!

Karen Nash - Senior Vice President, Synchrony Financial

Michael McQueen - Testimonials

We have received nothing but rave reviews from our clients and leadership team about Michael’s presentations. His delivery is a wonderful mix of storytelling, real world examples and tangible action items

Michael McQueen

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Are You Paving the Cattle Track

April 27th 2021

When we innovate many of us do little more than pave the cattle track. But what does this metaphor mean? Michael Mcqueen explores the notion of innovation through re-invention and finds that paving the cattle track may well work in the short-term but it may cause more problems than it solves.

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April 7th 2021 promotions

The New Now
Preparing for the 10 trends that will dominate a post-COVID world

The New Now

April 6th 2021

There is no doubt that recent times have been tumultuous and challenging. Disruption has become a very real and very tangible concept to all of us, and yet times of crisis create a great opportunity for those who are prepared. As this storm subsides and a new era dawns, smart leaders recognize that now is the time to gear up for what comes next.

In my new book "The New Now" I help audiences unpack some of the key trends that we've seen accelerate since the outset of the pandemic. 

Ch 7's Morning Show - The 7 jobs your kids will have that dont even exist yet

January 19th 2021

In this interview on Ch 7's Morning Show, 6-time bestselling author and trend forecaster Michael McQueen explores some of the professions of tomorrow that you've never heard of.

Demystifying Artificial Intelligence

January 19th 2021

In this short video, 6-time bestselling author, trend forecaster and business strategist Michael McQueen brings clarity to the discussions around Artificial Intelligence and explores how it will shape the future.

5 Trends that will Shape the Future Workplace

January 19th 2021

In this short video, futurist and bestselling author Michael McQueen explores the 5 key trends that will shape the workplace of the future

Kickstarting Growth Post-Crisis

October 26th 2020

If there is one word we’ve heard with great frequency in recent months, it would be ‘unprecedented’. While so much of what we’ve all experienced in 2020 is the definition of extraordinary, it’s important to remember that many businesses have faced existential threats and crises over the years - only to emerge stronger resulting from the experience.

From IBM to Converse, Lego and event Apple, there is much we can learn from businesses that have emerged from acutely difficult times and bounced back strongly.

Maintaining momentum in tough times

March 16th 2020

Crises are rarely convenient and they’re never fun. As the world confronts the single biggest disruption in living memory, how we and our organizations navigate the coming months will be critical. 

What To Expect From The Schools Of Tomorrow

September 10th 2019

Recent years have seen the discussion of the relevance of the current education system come to dominate public dialogue. Doubts and fears have risen surrounding the prospects of the current form of education in Western countries, the preparation of students for a rapidly changing technological world, and inequalities within the system.

The need for change is clear, but there is an underlying concern that it seems unachievable and unrealistic to adopt the progressive practices that often seem limited to the north of Europe.

3 ways to build mastery and self efficacy in students

October 10th 2019

In this short video clip, bestselling author and trend forecaster Michael McQueen examines some of the latest research in how to build resilience, mastery and a Growth Mindset in young people. Giving constant praise and affirmation has been proven to not work in building true self-esteem - so what does?

3 keys to bringing the learning experience to life

October 10th 2019

In this short video clip, bestselling author and trend forecaster Michael McQueen identifies 3 steps educators can take to create classroom experiences that are meaningful and memorable. Michael examines some of the latest research in the learning styles of today's students and explores how schools and teachers can more effectively engage them in learning

What actually is a growth mindset and why does it matter?

October 10th 2019

In this short video clip, bestselling author and trend forecaster Michael McQueen explores the research basis for a Fixed vs a Growth Mindset and highlights the hallmarks of each. More importantly, he explains why a Growth Mindset will matter more than ever in the years ahead.

Why the future will belong to 'right brain' creatives

October 10th 2019

In this short video clip, bestselling author and trend forecaster Michael McQueen challenges the assumption that left-brain STEM subjects are the key to future-proofing young people. Looking at the latest research, Michael explores why skills in creativity and originality will be of far greater important in an age dominated by Artificial Intelligence and robotics.

3 ways to guard students against gullibility

October 10th 2019

In this short video clip, bestselling author and trend forecaster Michael McQueen highlights the growing prevalence of 'fake news' and 'alternate facts' and examines why skills in deep learning and discernment will be increasingly important in the years ahead.

Building a Culture of Boldness and Risk-Taking

September 24th 2019

Many organizations talk about the importance of taking risks, being bold and being adventurous. They realize that they need to experience failure and be innovative in order to stay at the cutting edge in the face of disruption. The verbiage of this is common in the business landscape. We know we need to fail fast and fail frequently. The reality is that very few organizations are actually following through and seeing this become a part of the everyday experience or culture within an organization. 

Why trusted brands are more lucrative, loved and longer lasting

March 5th 2019
Whether in interpersonal relationships or our interaction with brands and institutions, trust is the foundation of loyalty, engagement and affinity. And this foundation has taken some big hits in recent years.

Michael McQueen

Michael McQueen is a multi-award winning speaker, trend forecaster and six-time bestselling author. He has spoken to over 300,000 people across 5 continents since 2004, and is known for his engaging, entertaining and practical conference presentations.

3 ways teachers can shift from 'content delivery' to 'capability building'

October 12th 2018

As we consider how to make our classroom and school system "future fit", one of the most important things we need to embrace as educators is a paradigm shift from focussing on content delivery to capability building.

3 New Paradigms for Pedagogy

October 10th 2018

 Over a century ago, the great educationalist John Dewey remarked: “If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.”

Why you need more “stoppers’ in your team

March 2nd 2018

You never hear job ads looking for people who can effect real change. Sure, there’s the ads seeking “ambitious go-getters”, or the old chestnut: “think outside the box”.

But that’s not really what they’re looking for.

Odecast with Michael McQueen

In this latest odecast with Michael McQueen, Leanne Christie talks about his book, “How to prepare now for what’s coming next”. They discuss the valuable lessons it contains for any business, but particularly ones that think they’re safe from disruption.

Top 20 Trends Report

September 26th 2017

This report draws on over a decade of trend forecasting to highlight the top 20 trends that will shape the next decade. Whether these trends become an existential threat or an exciting opportunity for your business will largely depend on your perspective and preparedness.

7 Tips for managing the Millennial

May 18th 2017

With nearly 50% of the world's workforce to be comprised of Millennials in just a few years, they're a demographic your business can't afford to ignore.

Who's really in control on the roads of the future?

March 13th 2017

Are you ready to give up control? The driverless car revolution promises to make our roads safer, reduce emissions and unclog our highways. But who's really in control? Michael McQueen takes a hard look at the future of our roads, and what it means for our autonomy, economy and safety.

Why your office setup is killing your productivity

December 12th 2016

The modern office environment seems almost purpose-built to destroy productivity. It’s the co-worker stopping by your desk with a quick question, the endless meetings and memos, the conversation between colleagues within earshot you simply can’t help but tune into.

Are you addicted to the distraction drug?

November 8th 2016

A September 2015 tweet from Wall Street Journal columnist Jason Gay was one of the funniest I read last year: ‘There’s a guy in this coffee shop sitting at a table, not on his phone, not on a laptop, just drinking coffee, like a psychopath.’

The 5 biggest handbrakes on Momentum

November 8th 2016

From Sony to Microsoft, Adidas to Alcoa, and Billabong to Lego, many a brand has lost their mojo at one time or another. Michael McQueen shares key insights on how we can keep the pedal on momentum.From Sony to Microsoft, Adidas to Alcoa, and Billabong to Lego, many a brand has lost their mojo at one time or another.

The Vital KPI You're Probably Ignoring

October 27th 2015

Watch multi award-winning speaker and bestselling author Michael McQueen explain how the Law of Amplification is the #1 KPI you're most likely ignoring..

Momentum: How to Get it, Keep it & Get it Back

September 8th 2015

Watch as bestselling author Michael McQueen breaks down the basics of momentum. How can we build it, keep it and get it back working on our side? Michael's brilliant new keynote is one not to miss at DARE.

The Biggest Disruptions Of 2015

June 11th 2015

While disruption has been the business buzzword of choice recent years, the past 12 months have been an unprecedented and significant time for fundamental change in organisations.

The Key To Reinventing Banking

February 5th 2015

The finance and banking industry has gone through a huge shift, and the change won't be slowing down any time soon.

Decode Your Consumers

November 4th 2014

The sales game has changed beyond recognition - and if the last ten years have brought such dramatic shifts, then we can only imagine what's in store.

Keeping The Events Industry Relevant

July 9th 2014

How does an events company make sure that, with the development of new technologies and new consumer trends, they continue to stay ahead of the relevance curve?

Your Life Is About To Change

June 27th 2014

Ever had a lightbulb blow and then not replaced it for weeks because getting to Bunnings was such a trek? Or have you run out of bread only to find your corner shop closed? These little annoyances are just part of life...until now.

How Relevant Is Your Employer Brand?

June 2nd 2014

The last handful of years have seen something of an epidemic of extinction in the business community. Looking at businesses failures ranging from Borders to Billabong, Kodak and music giant HMV, brands and industries are quickly realizing that business-as-usual is no longer be enough. Peter Drucker’s insight in the mid 1980s is truer today than ever before: we must now run faster and faster just to stand still.

The Great Tech Home Invasion

May 9th 2014

For anyone working in the technology sphere, you will know that your consumers are no longer confining technology to their work lives. People are demanding technological intelligence in every facet of their lives - from data around their workouts to a home that echoes the Jetson lifestyle we all grew up in awe of.

As consumer demands continue to disrupt the status quo, even the IT & technology industries aren't safe from becoming irrelevant. Gen Y's & Gen Z's are their own computer experts and will soon no longer require an 'expert' as they continue to become one themselves. So how does this dynamic industry protect itself & ensure it offers something that no consumer can replicate? Embrace the home!  As commuting becomes a thing of the past - the companies identifying & adapting to this need will truly thrive.

Is Your Job Becoming Irrelevant?

April 14th 2014

In a world of constant change, how can we predict whether the role we play at work will continue to exist for years to come? In this thought provoking & no holds barred interview with ABC Radio, disruption analyst Michael McQueen gives us an insight into what industries will shortly become obsolete.

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