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The Role of Reinvention

The Role of Reinvention

How to know what to change and what to keep

In these crazy and off-kilter times some businesses will flourish, others disappear and many will struggle. Brands that have the ability to draw on their resources and reinvent themselves to take advantage of new conditions are off to a good start.

Adam has transformed his own businesses as well as help his clients transform during this crazy year. Over the last year Adam has:

  • Taken his experiential festival company space, and turned it into Australia’s largest virtual dinner party
  • Transferred 13cabs from a cab business to a courier business called 13things
  • Helped to launch a new streaming service called Binge with Inactive Wear (perfect for lounging around the house in)
  • Helped Bega launch a new honey business called B Honey off the back off some purpose-led technology that will keep Australia bee population safe from the deadly Varroa mite.
    plus others

Adam takes a brand-led approach to innovation. Leveraging the core competencies of the business, finding the emotional promise and looking at how else that might be delivered.


The age of diversity and inclusion is upon us and the time has come to re-balance. Policy and procedures are in place, but beneath that are the actions and skills of new leaders and the need for their support. Men and women both have their role to play in what will be a new culture with different rules of engagement to gently disrupt the patriarchal constructs which stop us from being effective humans at work for the betterment of us all.

If it were easy we would have done it! In this session we will find the energy to break down the barriers through understanding, clever engagement with hard conversations and a giving of self without hesitation of fear. You will learn the 5 key skills to engagement, adopt a new linguistic agenda and build a profession feedback algorithm for change all within an interactive and fun environment that brings everyone to the party.

Invisibility is about bias that inspires poor behaviour on the part of all involved and whether we accept it or not is our choice and all of our responsibility to change. We need everyone out there to be seen, heard and felt with gusto, assertion and a positive mindset. So let’s get cracking.a


From Brisbane to Vienna and around the globe, Dr Louise Mahler has given voice a good name. She combines the skills gained from 15 years of an international opera-singing career, with insider knowledge of the corporate world and academic study, to help people from all walks of life express themselves through voice — to find their true, full voice and use it!

In Resonate Dr Louise Mahler, voice coach extraordinaire, demonstrates that your mind, body and voice are inextricably linked. By approaching voice through an understanding of the whole body, Louise explains how your state of mind determines the way you hold your body, how your feelings resonate through your voice and how this sequence ultimately influences the efficacy of your communication. She explains the most common ways people react to nerves or excitement, as well as how your listeners respond to your voice and gestures – and how to use these to communicate more powerfully.

Whether you struggle to make a point at work or a school committee meeting; whether you’re going for the next big job or trying to improve your performance in the one you have; or you simply want better ways to communicate, Resonate will show you how to tune in to your own vocal intelligence, identify the physical and mental blocks that are holding you back, and reclaim your authentic voice. With its practical exercises, inspiring real-life stories and insightful tips, this book will unlock your confidence and show you how to make your message resonate.

On-line Leadership Program

On-line Leadership Program

Dr Mahler presents leadership programs that combine instructional and interactive face-to-face or zoom webinars, clinics and masterminds to embed the learning for leaders and sales teams. These sessions impart the skills and processes to have gravitas and presence and apply them to tailored scenarios specific such as presentations, meetings or managing client and staff engagement, to gain maximum engagement and influence with confidence.

Dr Mahler’s program includes theory and interaction, based around winning the hearts and minds of those around you with the following outcomes:

  • Analysis of individual body, mind and voice patterns under stress
  • Processes for handling the various communication opportunities
  • Practice opportunities for individual change plans and transformation

Note: these programs can be tailored specifically for Women and Diversity programs.

Hard Chat

Hard Chat

The world has changed. Emotions are raw and tempers frayed, but, at the same time, like the Little Britain comedy where the Scottish waiter attempts to describe the menu through the medium of ‘ dance’, we are struggling to handle ourselves through the virtual medium.

When it comes to difficulty, what words do you say and in what order? What words can’t you use and what is the vocal tone and eye contact requirement to help get your communication across with empathy? Within all that, where is the room for creativity and authenticity?

Now is the time to really know what you are doing and, in this virtual exploration, you will learn the answers to all these questions using Dr Mahler’s framework for Hard Chat, which PwC partners described as ‘gold’.

Key takeaways from the ‘must-have’ session include:

  • Learning the 5 Hard Chat levels of engagement
  • Discover the non-verbal necessities to handle emotion
  • Know the words to say and not say
  • Piece together the 5 algorithms for performance that work first time every time and leave you free to be creative and professional in the moment

The Voice of Leadership

The Voice of Leadership

In today’s uncertain world we need to manage our new vital tool - the voice.

With video-conferencing in full swing, your voice takes pride of place in communicating your message. As we place added emphasis on the importance of voice, many realise their own inadequacy, feel helpless and are unaware of the susceptibility to further damage both vocally and psychologically.

In this on-line presentation, you will remove the barriers to self-expression through awareness, tools and techniques. You will learn how sound is actually made and what stops it being available under stress

In this highly interactive keynote you will:

  • build skills to get that voice working and develop a flow of sound that imbues trust and caring
  • learn methods for vocal engagement and authority
  • recognise the challenges, diagnose your own blockages and find simple ways to undo the patterns - fast under pressure.

Female Led Leadership

Female Led Leadership

What is it that Jacinda Ardern, Angela Merkel, and Sanna Merin do that leads Forbes magazine to say that what countries with the best coronavirus responses have in common is Women Leaders?

How is it different from their male counterparts and it is unique to women? Dr Mahler will analyse their body language, vocal approach and conversational flow. She will model what is palpable for us all and show how this is the future direction of leadership, not necessarily, male or female.

In this provocative keynote, you will:

  • discover the skills of key international female leaders who are leading at these critical times
  • challenge classical techniques of power
  • learn new ways to build trust
  • establish skills that will result in newfound confidence

Staying Human in a Virtual World: Presence on line

Staying Human in a Virtual World: Presence on line

The time for intimacy and connection is here

Video conferencing is a chance to really engage at a new and deeper level and, the rules have changed.

Louise will share what works and what doesn’t in this new super-charged environment. You will discover the secrets of the television host, you will find your radio voice and develop skills to engage with full attention by building your inclusion-muscle.

In this often hilarious, but scientifically researched session you will:

  • Discover how spatial awareness is key
  • Develop your tools and techniques to be inclusive
  • Recognise the importance of what you do and say on the small screen
  • Learn the dos and don’t of engaging others

Dr Louise Mahler

The foremost expert in the psychology of face-to face engagement - Creating powerful, discernible, and positive change in those with whom she works.

Leading Without Authority

Leading Without Authority

The Roadmap for Organizations Going forward to Work

In the past several months, we have seen more disruption, transformation, and innovation than during any other period in history. Businesses are at a tipping that will determine how they emerge post-pandemic. Adam Grant, Wharton School professor and best selling author, has called Keith Ferrazzi’s latest book, Leading Without Authority (Penguin Random House, May 26, 2020), “the roadmap for a post-pandemic networked world.” Peter Diamandis, founder of Singularity University and XPrize, said “Leading Without Authority is the must-read guidebook for radical transformation. Keith Ferrazzi’s concept of co-elevation provides an actionable methodology for any team to thrive during the decade of exponential change ahead.”

Keith is currently working with 85 CHRO’s, 50 CEO’s, and 45 CMO’s of the largest organizations in the world, along with the former Managing Editor of Forbes and in conjunction with the Harvard Business Review to curate a new book and website to ensure that we don’t go back to work, but instead go forward to work. They have recognized that the world of work has fundamentally changed and that this new work world demands a different form of leadership, a different form of transformation and innovation, and a different form of marking. Keith’s keynotes will offer a roadmap for organizations to navigate this new work order for leadership, sales, association, and client audiences.

The Post-Crisis Kickstart

The Post-Crisis Kickstart

The secret to accelerated growth and sustained momentum

In the wake of any crisis, smart businesses and leaders recognise the importance of kickstarting their momentum - and fast.

Having spent over 15 years studying the dynamics of dynamism in organizations, 8-time bestselling author Michael McQueen knows what it takes to create unstoppable momentum in a business or team.

In this research-rich and fast-faced presentation, Michael explores:

  • The 3 common traps that derail success - and how to avoid them
  • How to achieve a rhythm of unforced productivity and flow state
  • The key momentum mindsets that can supercharge growth and create an unfair advantage over the competition
  • The daily habits that ensure good intentions translate into sustained results

Audiences will leave this in-person or virtual presentation armed with a practical action plan for achieving a new level of momentum and maintaining it over the long haul.

The post-crisis kickstart is an ideal stand-alone conference keynote or an extended half or full-day program.


December 1st 2020

Crisis Leadership: Bushfires + COVID19 - A new model emerges

During the Summer of 2019 Australia was hit by a crisis – the wildfires destroyed 46 million acres of land, 34 people were killed, 1 billion wildlife perished and 6,000 properties were incinerated. In March 2020, just as Australia entered the ‘recovery’ phase of the fires crisis, it was hit by a second crisis, this time a global crisis – enter COVID-19. As Australians we now know what a crisis looks like, what it smells like, what it feels like. It’s like a war zone. So, we are in a crisis of the most extreme kind and the question on many minds is - who are the Crisis Leaders and what should they be doing?

Natalie Simmons - Global GM, cievents

Michael McQueen - Testimonials

Michael has a unique ability to engage and captivate an audience in his virtual presentations.

Brenard Grobler - CEO, Greenstone Pty Ltd

Michael McQueen - Testimonials

Michael is a brilliant speaker and his interactive virtual session for our leadership team was very insightful.

Charlotte Garner - Infocus Wealth Management

Michael McQueen - Testimonials

Michael’s virtual keynote was one of the most highly rated sessions at our entire conference.

Master of Ceremonies

Master of Ceremonies

Not only is Anders a highly regarded futurist, keynote speaker and strategist, he is also an experienced and engaging Master of Ceremonies. Anders can, as an official host for your event, keep things running seamlessly and on track with his upbeat energy to maintain momentum across the whole event.

Nick Turner - Senior Program Manager, Gartner

Anders Sorman-Nilsson - Testimonials

Anders received excellent feedback. Our audience wanted more time with Anders!

Online Learning

April 29th 2020 Delivery

MCs & Moderators

April 29th 2020 Delivery

Meetings have moved into the virtual space, and with that have bought their own set of challenges. How do you keep your audience engaged when it is so easy for them to become distracted. Having an MC or facilitator at your virtual event is now more important than ever before.

Not only will an MC keep your event interesting, but it will also make your audience entertained and eager for more. A virtual MC can be considered the glue that holds the event together - because let's face it, it's quite tough to keep an audience engaged when they are watching from the comfort of their living room with all the distractions that come with working from home. Adding an experienced MC or facilitator to your virtual event just might help keep the audience enthusiastic and get your message across.

Our MCs will keep the proceedings running seamlessly and on track with upbeat energy and maintain momentum across the whole event.

Strategy Sessions

April 29th 2020 Delivery

Our speakers will ensure your strategy workshop is a success with their insightful experience of facilitating and designing strategic workshops. Our philosophy is to not only deliver but to also engage insightful and results-focussed strategies for your executive teams and leaders. We work closely with clients and tailor all our workshop materials to your specific requirements and needs with the goal of addressing your unique challenges and having a lasting impact.

Panels and Q&As

April 29th 2020 Delivery

Do you need expert Insights on your Panel? Our speakers can add unique insights into digital disruption, business trends and change management to bring a fresh perspective to your panel.


April 29th 2020 Delivery


April 29th 2020 Delivery

Challenged by budget or logistics? Our speakers can be brought to you both virtually and digitally via web conference or webinar for your convenience, and can deliver both pre-recorded and live webinars with Q&A tailored for your unique audience.


April 29th 2020 Delivery


April 29th 2020 Delivery

Our speakers presentations are meticulously researched, highly energetic and always fascinating with content tailored to the audience. Our keynotes tackle the unique issues and challenges that your industry and business are currently facing, and will help you inspire, motivate and connect with your employees, clients, customers and business partners.

Leading Virtual Teams Through Crisis

Leading Virtual Teams Through Crisis

Over the last 2 years Companies like Delta, GM, & Verizon have worked with Keith Ferazzi and his team to pivot from traditional avenues of engagement and into the virtual world to keep up. You can too. In his lectures, Keith will outline how leaders can step-up and lead in a virtual world through co-elevation and transformation.

This talk complements the launch of his new book due out in May, Leading without Authority: How the New Power of Co-Elevation Can Break Down Silos, Transform Teams, and Reinvent Collaboration, and can help keep your company focused and productive in this new work world.

Keith Ferrazzi has also been successful in minimizing meeting cancellations by transitioning teams into a virtual workspace. As companies struggle to deal with the ramifications of COVID-19 on their meetings, he is offering a no-cost consultation to help your leaders facilitate that transition.

Possibility Thinking

Possibility Thinking!!

How a crisis can help you create some of your best ideas.

When we are under pressure we often think very differently. How to harness the problem-solving skills in your team. How to minimise fear and raise our ability to think creatively. The brain can’t hold two different opposing thoughts at the same time.

Lisa will help you and your people to FOCUS on what can be done as well as what might be done. She empowers people to be problem solvers and possibility thinkers. If you need clarity, new ideas and a big list of future possibilities Lisa’s session could be invaluable.

It’s amazing how quickly she can help people move from fear to courage and from inaction to action.

Building Courage in Times of Crisis

Building Courage in Times of Crisis

Courage is that unquantified capacity to step above negative circumstances and crises and develop a mindset of possibilities and action. Courage is activated when you help others to see their potential and their options and include them in the bigger journey. It takes courage to initiate new behaviours, to innovate new thinking and to create new modes of operating.

It produces fruitfulness when you begin to know and encourage people at a deeper level.

To be a part of a significant team effort, it takes commitment, contribution and more courage; courage to adapt to others, courage to handle conflict kindly and courage to be responsible for what you begin.

This session includes:

  • How to empower people to act courageously and creatively.
  • Enabling courageous conversations that we need to have.
  • How to think “we” instead of “me”; unity and community.
  • How to keep calm, connect deeply with our people and build hope.
  • How to affirm attitudes, habits and behaviour that serve the current environment.
  • How to be a positive influence to those around you.

AI - providing hope at a time of Crisis

Artificial Intelligence

Providing hope at a time of Crisis

As the world moves into an unprecedented time of crisis management the role of Artificial Intelligence has become extremely important. As organisations restructure, send their employees home to work, avoid human to human interactions, minimise their expenditure and try to innovate their way out of the crisis we will see the use of AI increasing as a means to enable each of these factors.

Dr Catriona Wallace, an expert in AI and organisational behaviour will present on how Artificial Intelligence can be used to:

  1. Develop a Digital Workforce that augments employees
  2. Enables home-based work
  3. Creates efficient information sharing and collaboration for a decentralised workforce
  4. Drives efficiency and cost savings
  5. Powers innovative solutions that will be in demand post the end of the crisis
  6. Ideas, solutions and strategies on the above will be discussed.

This presentation is suitable for:

  • Boards
  • Executive teams
  • Operations Leaders
  • HR Leaders
  • Sale and Service Leaders
  • Organisational Design and Development Leaders
  • Business Managers
  • IT Leaders


Emotional Leadership

Rise above drama and emotional chaos, and discover higher levels of performance, productivity and connection.

In this grounding and inspiring talk, Phill Nosworthy shares transformative insights and essential practices for mastering one’s own emotional state at work and in life.

Delivered in person or digitally, this talk and workshop series is designed to elevate the leadership impact and potential of teams through:

  • Enhancing self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Amplifying grit and resilience
  • Reducing stress and social isolation
  • Increasing cognitive regulation and psychological capital

Your leaders and teams will walk away with practical and workplace tailored skills that create deep psychological safety at work and massive gains in personal and collective leadership.

Archived Speakers

March 12th 2020 default


September 30th 2020


October 18th 2020


October 1st 2020

Regional Director, Kronos Australia

Lisa McInnes-Smith - Testimonials

From the way that she personalises her presentations, her engagement, and her insights - It was just fabulous. The team were saying it's perhaps one of the best presentations that have been to.

The Way of The Spiritual Entrepreneur

The Way of The Spiritual Entrepreneur

The 7 Secrets to Becoming Fearless, Stress-Free and Unshakable in Business and in Life

This keynote is a no bones, honest and forthright methodology of business, life and spiritual practice designed to disrupt standard ways of thinking, bringing the unconscious into the conscious and catapulting the audience into an optimistic mindset of abundance and possibility. Any person or organisation who follows The Way of The Spiritual Entrepreneur is destined to have a competitive advantage in business and in life.

Key takeaways:

  • How to master your emotions to stay cool under pressure
  • Finding inner peace amongst the chaos and confusion.
  • Cultivating Self Mastery of Mindset, Heartset, Healthset and Soulset

Mastering Influence in Business and Life

Mastering Influence in Business and Life

The Game of Business Mastery is the Game of Mastering Influence

Named as one of ‘Australia’s Top 50 Influential Female Entrepreneurs’, and one of the hand-selected ’200 Women Who Will Change the Way You See the World’, Pauline understands how to use the Weapons of Influence in business and in life. Her day-to-day professional life was in orbit around her life principles, and not the other way around.

This self-actualisation has carried her to prosperity while running the awarded restaurant Red Lantern, (the most awarded Vietnamese restaurant in the world) and authoring bestseller, Secrets of the Red Lantern, (Winner Debut Writer of the Year).

Calm Courage, Resounding Resilience, Tacit Grit

Calm Courage, Resounding Resilience, Tacit Grit

Navigating through change and disruption.

As a thought leader, Pauline’s unique life experiences have given her a distinctive insight into the minds of individuals and businesses alike, allowing her to pass on the invaluable skills of self-mastery, courage, resilience and grit. As Pauline says, ‘If we can learn the tools of self-mastery, we can better practice the art of influence over others.”

When Pauline talks of commitment driving outcomes, people listen.

Key takeaways:

  • Navigating through change and disruption.
  • Developing personal and organisational Courage, Resilience and Grit
  • How to maximize joy and enhance personal performance in Business Leadership and Life Leadership

The Red Lantern Story

The Red Lantern Story

From extreme adversity to success.

Having escaped Vietnam on a boat and survived a Thai refugee camp, Pauline Nguyen has learned to reframe the events of her tumultuous childhood and often describes her upbringing as her ‘training’ to become a master of her thoughts, behaviours and emotions - learning to approach everything with an unshakable spirit to become the owner of the most awarded Vietnamese restaurant in the world, Red Lantern.

In this keynote you will learn:

  • to overcome adversity and transform an approach to success by re-engineering beliefs, questioning the status quo and hacking cultural norms.
  • Apply the mindset of sustainability to all aspects of business to master customer service, employee retention, customer retention, supplier retention, and leadership.
  • to Build a Business Brand as well as a Personal Brand

Carl Fairbairn – Investment Adviser, Crestone Wealth Management

Pauline Nguyen - Testimonials

Pauline’s story of inspiration and honesty was one of the most impressive presentations I have ever seen - and kept the entire audience engaged and wanting to hear more.

Skandi Cockle - Capability Project Manager - Westpac

Pauline Nguyen - Testimonials

Pauline captured the attention and hearts of everybody in the room as she told her story of her life - one of the best professional speakers I have seen.

Emma Jensen - Director, Senior Marketing and Business Leader - Optus

Pauline Nguyen - Testimonials

Pauline combines an honesty and vulnerability with a confidence that is engaging to listen to. The audience was captivated. Without a doubt one of the best speakers I’ve had the pleasure to listen to.

The Way Of The Spiritual Entrepreneur

The Way Of The Spiritual Entrepreneur helps socially conscious, spiritually-minded entrepreneurs be fearless, stress free, and unshakable by teaching overlooked and forgotten developments in cognitive science, quantum physics, and biology that you can use to transform your life and your business today.

She wrote this book after years of encouragement from those who have heard her speak on the international stage or have worked with her, to bring her philosophy and wisdom to a larger audience. Her blend of mystic Eastern spirituality and high-performing Western business acumen make her uniquely suited to speak to entrepreneurs about rewiring your biology and rewriting your biography.

As with all her speaking and business endeavors, Pauline speaks from the heart to inspire action. She blends effective exercises, scientific proof, and relatable examples to help you live deliberately, not by default.

Her book, The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur is the Winner of Best Entrepreneurship and Small Business Book of the Year 2019.

Pauline Nguyen

Pauline Nguyen has the skills to connect with her audience in a profound way – she helps awaken and focus people to change their own story for a better future.

Leading Without Authority

Keith Ferrazzi, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Never Eat Alone redefines collaboration for the twenty-first century with a radical new workplace operating system in which leadership no longer demands an official title.

Many are quick to respond to the mounting pressures facing today’s organizations by blaming the pace of technological change. But bestselling author, CEO, and coach to Fortune 100 companies Keith Ferrazzi disagrees. This era of explosive change, he says, has merely exposed the flaws in how we have always worked. At a time when constant innovation, agility, and speed of decision-making can mean the difference between success and failure, he says, we can no longer afford to waste time navigating the complex chains of command or bureaucratic bottlenecks present in most companies. In times like these, the ability to lead without authority is an essential workplace competency.

Enter a bold new methodology Ferrazzi calls co-elevation. With the guiding ethos of “going higher together,” co-elevation allows us to turn colleagues and partners into teammates. And you don’t have to have formal authority, or direct reports, to do it. In fact, the other person doesn’t even need to be aware of your efforts. You simply have to marshal a commitment to a shared mission and care about the success and development of others as much as you care about your own. By helping others to be better at what they do, we create a level of trust, candor, mutual accountability, and purpose that exceeds what could have been accomplished under the status quo.

In Leading Without Authority, Ferrazzi draws on over a decade of research and over thirty years helping CEOs and senior leaders drive innovation and build high-performing teams to reveal how we can all transform our business and our relationships with the people around us. The result is a new roadmap for thriving amid the disruptive pressures afflicting every industry.

Published May 2020

After Shock

Anders Sorman-Nilsson was invited by the Alvin Tofler Institue to contribute alongside the world’s foremost futurists to reflect on 50 years of the international best selling publication Future Shock.

In this companion edition Aftershock offers insightful essays reflecting on the original classic text released 50 years ago, as well as presenting new and remarkable views of the future—through the very unique lenses of the worlds leading thought-leading contributors' work and ideas.

After Shock is all about starting—and sustaining—a global conversation about our collective future, and defining, creating, and feeding that future through your inspired thought leadership. If ever the world needed your insights and ideas, it is now!

Speaking topics for Education

Keynote 1:
The Augmented Age of Education

Artificial Intelligence is set to replace 40% of entry level jobs and 50% of customer interactions in the next 5 years. The time of Singularity, where the machines are smarter than humans, is less than 20 years away.

How will we humans navigate this 4th Industrial Revolution? What will the Future of Work look like and how should we be educated in order to be prepared?

Dr Wallace will present a highly accessible, insight driven presentation on Artificial Intelligence, Education and the Future of Work and how this may play out by 2025. Key insights and lessons will be shared on how to re-imagine Education.

Keynote 2:
Emerging Technologies set to Transform Education

Emerging technologies are set to be one of the top 3 factors, alongside Climate Change and Nuclear War, that will fundamentally change humanity including how we learn and how we are educated.

Dr Wallace presents an intriguing discussion on the core technologies that will disrupt the Education sector and augment and amplify learning processes.

Catriona will also examine what might go well and what could go badly. Dr Wallace will discuss practical actions that educators and students should consider to be future ready.

Keynote 3:
The Heroine’s Journey – They should have taught us this!

There is enormous pressure on society today to genuinely demonstrate strategies of diversity and inclusion. However, the numbers show that we are moving very slowly towards any type of equity with women holding only: 14% of Chair roles, 26% of Directorships, 17% of CEOs and 30% of Management. During their 30s and 40s women leave the workforce in droves. But why? Is it the pay gap, education levels or having children? Maybe. But what if the reasons that women do not progress as expected is that there is something else at play.

By examining the Heroine’s Journey we see that women often progress through 8 stages before they can truly stand in their power: separation from the feminine, identification with the masculine, the illusion of success, emotional/spiritual aridity, descent to the Goddess, yearning for the feminine, healing of the feminine self and integration of self.

This keynote discusses the Heroine’s Journey and provides incredible insights into the stations that women often go through before being their truly empowered self. This indeed should be part of both women and men’s education as they are starting out on learning and career.

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