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Tokenizing Real Estate

October 8th 2019

As old as the real estate business itself is the question of how to make the acquisition of real estate the easiest to be funded and thus the easiest to access for the largest number of people possible. Answering those questions, stakeholders sometimes had been extremely creative. It could be a nation that subsidized the purchase of real estate through tax credits. This happened e. g. with East-German real estate after the reunification of Germany.  25 years later, with the emerging fin-tech boom and acceptance, crowd-funding was born. It did not take long and the first real estate acquisition was funded by a crowdfunding concept. 

Matthias Kroener

Tech enthusiast, Creator, former Banking CEO: Matthias Kroener is a highly respected thought leader when it comes to planning, building and operating disruptive and customer-centric banking business models.

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