New Financial Year = New Economic Trends

June 21st 2011

Interest rates will start rising again quite soon, the Reserve Bank indicated – about as clearly as central banks ever do signal their intentions – in its most recent quarterly Statement on Monetary Policy, despite the fact that, as Treasurer Wayne Swan said in his Budget Speech just four days later, ‘for some, talk of an investment boom seems divorced from reality’.


Get Prepared to be DARED!

June 21st 2011

Last year we ran our first DARE showcase series in Melbourne and Sydney which were a huge success! This year we are excited to be hitting the road again with our team of thought leaders who will inspire and DARE you to think a little differently.


How 'Cool' is your Employment Brand?

June 16th 2011

We’re all suffering from status update anxiety now.

In an age of transparency tyranny, war for talent 2.0, and an osmosis between social and business spheres, organisations need to re-think the importance of their employment brands.


The Big Shift In How We Spend

June 6th 2011

The world is witnessing a huge modality shift in the banking and retail worlds, with mobile devices becoming the preferred method of payment. While some companies are embracing this shift and prospering, others are struggling to keep up with where consumer behaviour is heading.


Yes People, Business is Personal!

May 13th 2011

It is time we got back in touch with the importance of the relationships we have with the customer. Specifically:

• We need to stop seeking cost-savings in ways that damage relationships with the customer


Why Adversity Is A Good Thing

May 13th 2011

Only those who have managed to fail greatly have succeeded greatly.

While many fortune 500 companies where laying off and going through massive changes at the start of the Global Financial Meltdown, PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi decided to do something different. She travelled around the world boosting her employee’s morale and encouraging them to see the good in every bad situation. This action had a profound impact on the company and also her as a leader. In fact Fortune Magazine named her the most powerful woman in the world in 2009.


Are We Losing Our Commonsense?

May 13th 2011

ON TWO occasions last month, large numbers of passengers passing through Australia's busiest airports have had their travel plans substantially disrupted as a result of what have been euphemistically described as ''security incidents''.

On each occasion, a relatively small number of people - just one in Melbourne on April 7, and 16 in Sydney on Tuesday last week - were inadvertently admitted to the ''sterile area'' beyond the security checkpoints.


DARE Showcase Series

May 12th 2011

We have just finished our DARE showcase series for 2011.  Both events were a huge success so watch out for 2012, which we promise will be even bigger and better!  To view the photos from the showcases go to our Facebook page and watch this space for the speaker highlights video coming soon......


What Is The 'The Third Space'?

May 5th 2011

We are excited to announce Dr Adam Fraser's new keynote topic 'The Third Space' which is the ideal follow on from Adam's previous topic ‘The Art of FLOW’.

'The Third Space' keynote is a high energy look at how we 'show up' in our different tasks, roles and environments in both our business and personal lives. Adam explores the way in which we must move in a continual flow of ‘micro-transitions’ in order to maximize our performance.


What is the Third Space?

May 5th 2011

We are excited to announce Dr Adam Fraser’s new keynote topic ‘The Third Space’ which is the ideal follow on from Adam’s previous topic ‘The Art of FLOW’.

In this video Adam shares with us exactly what ‘The Third Space’ is, how we can utilise it, and why it is so important to both our productivity and performance in everyday life.


Creating 'Sticky' Clients!

March 30th 2011

Everyone can maintain contact with their clients – but how do you move from a contact to a connection? A long term client that ‘sticks’ with you for five, ten or even twenty years? The key is to provide not only great value, but to also in becoming their trusted advisor, confidante and hopefully friend! In this video Lisa shares with us some essential and very simple tools to retaining your client base for years to come.


Shifting From Reflection to Inflection

March 25th 2011

With so many 'shifts' over the last 12 months, it is essential that we reflect in order to stay on top of our game. In this video, Anders Sorman-Nilsson shares with us his 'Reflection to Inflection' tool, which enables you to clearly evaluate the past 12 months and move forward with renewed clarity and purpose.


Why All This Change Is Hard To Do!

March 10th 2011

When I was an academic (in a previous life) I noticed that people in this environment were drawn to complexity. They would always find the most complicated way to explain something and always gravitated towards the most complex solution to a problem. My take on the driver for this behaviour was two things:


Upcoming Events

March 9th 2011

Watch out for our upcoming Speaker Showcases in June and July.


The Next Big Shift For Retail

March 5th 2011

Michael Degnan (of SapientNitro and Engagement Banking fame) and myself headed down to the Starbucks at One Penn Plaza in New York City with the objective of recording our experience of processing a mobile payment using the Starbucks App for the iPhone. The App links your phone to your pre-paid Starbucks card to process payments using a QR code on the screen, which can be scanned by a small reader connected to the cash register. The experience was, in a word, engaging…


Chunk Up! Keeping The 'Big Picture' In Mind

March 1st 2011

Chunk Up! – This is a tool which is powerful in figuring out what is “most important” in every situation. From making sure the “big picture” is in mind, to prioritizing tasks and not “sweating the small stuff”, this is a tool which will help in the clarity of what needs to be done.

Watch the video here.



Why Internal Collaboration Is So Important

February 26th 2011

In this video, you will be pushed from a paradigm of internal competition and control to a paradigm of collaboration. Specifically, we will discuss how:

  • As organisations get more sophisticated, we drive our silos deeper
  • Innovation in the future is just as likely to come from breaking down the silos internally as it is from building greater depth in the existing silos
  • New technology will form the basis for many of the ways we collaborate in the future

Are People Dysfunctional Or Just Differently Functional?

February 20th 2011

I had a great conversation with Ken Wallace on the weekend, who's not only a cracking screenwriter but also has the pleasure of being my brother-in-law. He has recently had his second child, and was saying how he thinks in general people consider the way that they parent, 'normal'. Everyone else does it incorrectly or abnormally.

That is, you become your own benchmark for what is 'normal'. Everything else is a bit wacky or, often, 'dysfunctional'.
There is such wisdom in this – it is not just parenting, it's everything. We become our own benchmark for what 'normal' all the time. And then we get caught up in diagnosing problems with others; we talk about how people need to change and improve and fix things.


Web Services That Are Changing The Way We Work

February 17th 2011

My clients often ask me which web services I use and why. At first, I advocated the Cloud as a way of saving money and avoiding cruel and unnatural suffering at the hands of in-house IT. But after a while, I realised that the most disruptive impact created by the Cloud was not the death of traditional software, but rather a potential transformation in the way we work, collaborate and engage with clients. The Cloud was a behavioural rather than a technological revolution. Many of the insights that emerged from my discussions with companies, both big and small – seemed at first counter intuitive. For example – why would sharing private data yield new patterns for profitability, outsourcing business processes back to your clients provide them with a sense of control, or avoiding work actually result in you being more productive? Anyway enough with the preamble – here is my list of the top nine Cloud services that have both changed the way I work, and more importantly, the way I think about it.


Bouncing Forward Thought Leadership

February 15th 2011

Ever wondered what it's like when you die?
Been in a situation where death may simply be easier?
Wondered what it would be like if you could bounce out of your rut to a life where you are in control?
Have you ever wondered what you would do if you were given a second chance to live the life of your dreams?

The 5 principles of Bounce Theory will ignite YOU AND YOUR TEAM to not just bounce back, but BOUNCE FORWARD stronger, greater and better than you could have ever imagined.

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