Whose Job is it to Innovate?

September 16th 2016

When a company is small and starting out, everyone has to be innovative. It’s a necessity. You need to innovate to survive, because everything is new. There are new challenges and problems every day, every hour, and a lot of time needs to be spent thinking about how to meet those challenges and solve those problems. Companies have to work out how to supply something of value to customers, how to market their goods and/or services, how to attract and retain the best people and a hundred other things. As they do this, they are being, by definition, innovative.


What's Ahead for Australia

August 16th 2016

We know the good times are over – the only questions are how long and how deep the weakness will be? Stephen Koukoulas provides an economic projection for the future.


What the Bell Shakespeare theatre company has taught John Bell about Leadership

August 8th 2016

In the 25 years he led his eponymous theatre company, actor and director John Bell has learned a lot about leadership. Here he shares his experience.


What is 'The New Possible' in the Gig Economy?

July 22nd 2016

There can be absolutely no denying it, the way that the world works, relates, spends and saves money has fundamentally changed. This represents a huge opportunity for banks, financial services and anyone in the customer service space to start designing for the future. In this video-clip banking innovator, cofounder and president of Moven, Alex Sion introduces the 'new possible'. It's time to design a new North... are you ready?


Financial Services; Curb the Fear and Innovate!

July 22nd 2016

Scott Bales is a leading tech innovator. This video-clip covers one of the ideas at the heart behind Scott's newest book Innovation Wars: Unlocking the Secrets of Corporate Innovation.

How do banks and financial services break through the 'fear barrier' to design innovative products and services... and survive?


New Book Innovation Wars. The Pre-Order Has Begun.

May 4th 2016

To respond to the ever growing demand amongst my clients, I'm launching my new book Innovation Wars, with the pre-orders starting on May 2nd. After the success of my previous book Mobile Ready, I've chosen to partner with Publishizer to build the support to produce an amazing innovation tool. You can pre-order the book here.


Energise Your Event

April 19th 2016

There's no one quite like the electro-charged Lisa McInnes-Smith. Lisa is a global speaker with over 2,000 engagements under her belt. She is an author, expert in shifting leadership performance and an absolute master of energy management - keeping it flowing and building at every event.


Make Innovation Your State of Mind

February 2nd 2016

In this video, innovation expert and author James O’Loghlin shares 3 key steps you can start using today and every day to turn your mind into a natural incubator and creative channel for innovative thinking.

James has written a brand new book "Innovation is a State of Mind", due for release on March 1st, which outlines a step-by-step process to identify opportunities for innovation, develop better ideas, and grow those ideas into something real.


Creativity: Is Fear Holding Back Innovation?

December 8th 2015

An influential driver of innovation, Digital Strategist & Futurist Scott Bales poses some challenging questions to shine a light onto those problem areas that often block creative flow and progress.


What's Hot in The Economy?

December 1st 2015

As we begin to wrap up another year, we asked one of Australia's premier and favourite economists Stephen Koukoulas for his fascinating take on 'What's HOT in the economy?'

More than qualified to comment as former Senior Economic Advisor to Prime Minister Gillard, and with over 25 years as a Chief Economist, 2016 looks set to bring some positives with consumer spending and tourism. Other areas of the economy have a more tumultuous outlook...


Matter: Move Beyond The Competition To Become The Obvious Choice

November 24th 2015

Peter Sheahan is a best-selling author and internationally recognised thought leader on innovation and behaviour change. His latest research addresses the burning question posed by leading organisations throughout the world. How do you create a company that matters?

In this video, Pete introduces us to his forthcoming book - Matter: Move beyond the competition, create value and become the obvious choice. This game-changing work provides a workable blueprint to find your edge of disruption and become the obvious choice in the hearts and minds of your customers.

Visiting Australia in 2016, Pete is available to speak across the country from February the 11th - 17th.


The Vital KPI You're Probably Ignoring

October 27th 2015

Watch multi award-winning speaker and bestselling author Michael McQueen explain how the Law of Amplification is the #1 KPI you're most likely ignoring..


The Digital Transformation Deadline

September 29th 2015

According to futurist and bestselling author Mike Walsh, the big issue for leaders in 2016 will be digital transformation. Customers are changing. Competitors are circling. Employees are evolving. In Mike's view, without a plan for digital transformation, your company is living on borrowed time. 


Momentum: How to Get it, Keep it & Get it Back

September 8th 2015

Watch as bestselling author Michael McQueen breaks down the basics of momentum. How can we build it, keep it and get it back working on our side? Michael's brilliant new keynote is one not to miss at DARE.


Matter: How to Become the Obvious Choice

September 8th 2015

In this changing world, we have to matter. Watch Dom Thurbon share insights from his new keynote about how we can differentiate to become the obvious choice.


A Practical Guide to the Innovation Mindset

July 23rd 2015

From corporate lawyer to successful comedian and well-known TV personality to keynote speaker for innovation; James O’Loghlin explains how an innovation mindset asks the uncomfortable questions. In this post he outlines 5 key steps that can navigate towards your goals and transform the shape of your life’s direction. 


Grow Your Wealth

June 16th 2015

In this extract from his new book, Myth Busting Economics, Stephen Koukoulas discusses housing affordability and the difficulty of buying your first home or flat.

A pain point especially for young Australians, Stephen shares how buying a live-in house with a 10 year timeframe in mind is a smart investment, provides security and sets you up for life.


The Biggest Disruptions Of 2015

June 11th 2015

While disruption has been the business buzzword of choice recent years, the past 12 months have been an unprecedented and significant time for fundamental change in organisations.


It's Time To Leave The Building

May 19th 2015

Innovation is full of surprises, that might scare you.

Over the past decade I’ve seen my fair share of attempts at innovation. Everything from incremental enhancements, through to bold attempts at disruptive innovation. One thing stands true, innovation is full of surprises that NO company ever prepared for. And often, scares the c#$% out of them. The key to getting 'ideas' right is to make sure you really understand who you are innovating for by getting out amongst your consumers.


Why We Do What We Do

May 19th 2015

Creativity and ideas often go hand in hand; we think of those who can write, paint, create as ideas people and nowhere is this more evident than in the world of advertising.

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