Breaking The Bias

Lisa McInnes-Smith explores bias in the community and proposes that we explore the biases we speak in everyday language and the stereotypes we attach to gender. Her conversation challenges us to transform our thinking by identifying where the problems are. Lisa's specialty is to demonstrate with reason, humour, and real-life examples how to make people feel included and break the biases around you.

International Women's Day is coming up and the theme is Break The Bias. Can you imagine a world that's free of bias? Free of discrimination and stereotyping? This is what we're aiming for.

We need messages that are going to enable us to start looking at the way we can challenge the current behaviours (both male and female behaviours), and about the way that we stereotype or apply gender bias, the way we speak in everyday language and where it needs to change so we can actually start to break that bias. So what do we need to be thinking about?

The change starts with you, but where do you start? Think about what we can be doing in our businesses and communities. What is it that we can do personally, even within our own families to break the bias and make people feel more included, less judged and more invited into the conversation, roles, and opportunities? I can't wait to bring a message to your people about how to break the bias and make their workplace or community a far better place to work.

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