Calm courage through disruption

As a thought leader, Pauline’s unique life experiences have given her a distinctive insight into the minds of individuals and businesses alike, allowing her to pass on the invaluable skills of self-mastery, courage, resilience and grit. As Pauline says, ‘If we can learn the tools of self-mastery, we can better practice the art of influence over others.” When Pauline talks of commitment driving outcomes, people listen.

Let's face it, we're living into tumultuous times. Almost on a daily basis we are hit with unexpected challenges and adversities. While the whole world is going crazy, we might feel like we have no control. Yet the one thing we do have control over is ourselves.

We must practice self-mastery. It's the only thing that we have. And as leaders, we need to ask what do leaders do? Leaders go first. Leaders must have the courage to lead.

Red Lantern has been around for 20 years in what is a very fickle, challenging and competitive industry. We have led our industry on multiple levels. We have set the benchmark so many times in the face of adversity and challenges. We understand what is needed is calm courage. And what is courage? Courage is feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

What is calm courage? Calm courage is approaching the task at hand with a great sense of self-mastery. Self-mastery is key.

What is knowledge? What is confidence? What is lack of confidence? Lack of confidence is lack of knowledge. learn to be prepared to learn and be prepared to act. Those who take no action are those who are the most confused. So take action. As your next keynote speaker I can show you to to achieve calm courage, resilience and grit in these tumultuous times.

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