Change your breathing, change your life

April 11 is World Breathing Day. Some of you might be asking, "Why do we need to have a World Breathing Day? We all breathe, right?" - yes, you breathe. But do you breathe to merely survive? Or do you breathe to thrive? I know what I want to do: I want to bring to thrive. In this video, I want to show you a breathing technique called the Box Breath.

The breath box is a really simple breathing technique. It's a breath that is used by snipers, air force control, the military. It's a breath that allows us to remain calm, focused, and energized. There is one rule that I would like you to focus on today, and that is when you breathe, to belly breathe. What does it mean to belly breathe? We all breathe, right? But I guarantee you that when you inhale, most of you will inhale into your chest.

World Breathing Day is a breath awareness day so that we can have an awareness of whether or not we are breathing properly. We all eat, but are we eating properly? We all move, But are we moving properly? We all sleep, but are we sleeping properly? Breath Awareness Day is the focus on breathing correctly. They say that we breathe about 25,000 times a day and if we breathe incorrectly it is equivalent to eating junk food 25,000 times a day because we're building up the CO2 stress in our chest.

It is a cultivation of practice. The more you can practice this box breath technique into your diaphragm, the more you will access states of focus, clarity and calm courage. Happy World Breathing Day.

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