Decode Your Consumers

The sales game has changed beyond recognition - and if the last ten years have brought such dramatic shifts, then we can only imagine what's in store.

There was a time that a buyer trusted a sales person to recommend the right this for them, be that pharmaceutical drug, housing or even clothes. The sales person was the gate keeper of knowledge.

Now, your customer has already researched and weighed up the pros and cons of your product before you've even had a meeting (thank you google!) so how do we sell in this new reality?

In this short video I will be looking at:

  • how we understand the future buyer
  • what we need to do to speak to this new consumer
  • simple tools for your sales kick off

Because, if you don't constantly innovate and find ways to keep ahead of the curve your competitors sure will!

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Michael McQueen is a multi-award winning speaker, change strategist and bestselling author of ten books.

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