The Leader Shift

As a leader, you have the capacity to empower. You have the capacity to empower your staff, your colleagues and yourself says Lisa McInnes-Smith.

Yet so often true leadership falls by the wayside as deadlines & budgets take over. This needs to change, we need a shift, a leader shift.

And to support you in your quest to become the best you can be, you can learn to unlock your leadership potential with a one on one coaching session with Lisa McInnes-Smith.

Lisa is giving away a tailored coaching session to anyone who confirms an event with her before 31st January 2014. This session can be redeemed by you or any member of your team!

Most people stay in jobs where they feel cared for, encouraged and believed in. In other words, we work for people we like and for people who like us and care about us.

Until leaders feel responsible for the development of their people we shouldn't expect to see staff engagement or a culture of creativity.

In this critical time of professional transformation, management style must become 'empower and coach', not 'command and control'.

Keeping people motivated requires an environment where growth and development are a regular part of the ethos and working week.

We may not always be able to measure that growth accurately but we sure should be able to notice it, comment on it and nurture it.

Growth involves people attempting to do new things, however, they often do it poorly before they learn to do it well.

Are you willing to make space for the struggle of transformation or do you simply expect or demand results?

Where do you believe your top achievers will come from in the future? Will they develop under your leadership or will they be imported, having been developed by someone else?

Do you notice when one of your people has made progress? Acknowledgement of progress is a great motivator for more progress.

Just as children continue to display behaviors that are regularly reinforced, so do adults display behaviors that are positively recognised. We should never underestimate the power of momentary personal recognition as well as recognition in front of a group.

When we feel that someone cares enough to notice our efforts we care more about how we perform.

Effective management of people requires us to be aware of simple shifts in behavior, for example the amount of eye contact or acknowledgement of presence.

Leaders must be responsible for creating a sense of "team" through such small shifts in behavior. Even something as simple as asking "How are you doing today?" and genuinely listening to the answer.

It takes time to establish if people are being open and honest with you, and transparency provides a doorway for open conversation, an atmosphere of trust and a pathway to effective coaching.

It is also important that we don't put up with the mediocre.

Encourage your people to be the best they can be, by utilizing and encouraging their strengths and valuing their ideas.

Giving ownership of tasks and the responsibility for outcomes also inspires people to perform at a higher level and builds desire to achieve the best possible result.

Ownership equals trust and belief.

Are you becoming the leader that others want to be around?

Become a nicer person to do business with. Smile more and notice the efforts of others. The business grows when the leader grows and you have at your fingertips a limitless pool of growth and potential. You just need to use the key...

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The Leader Shift
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