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Sustainable Solutions:
Top Keynote Speakers Leading the Way in Sustainability

Sustainability is no longer an option, but a necessity, and businesses around the world are taking note. Many organisations are now seeking to adopt sustainable business practices, from reducing their carbon footprint to integrating circular economy principles into their operations. This has led to a growing demand for keynote speakers who can offer insights and guidance on how to run a business sustainably. In this article, we will explore the expertise of four keynote speakers who specialise in sustainable business practices: Dr Catriona Wallace, Yossi Ghinsberg, Adam Spencer, and Pauline Nguyen.

These keynote speakers bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the topic of sustainable business practices. They offer valuable insights and inspire businesses to take action and make positive changes that benefit both the environment and their bottom line. As sustainability continues to be a critical issue, these speakers can play a vital role in shaping the future of your business.

Adam Spencer is one of Australia's most popular mathematicians and science communicators who has a keen interest in sustainability. In his talks, Spencer draws on his expertise in mathematics to highlight the importance of data in driving sustainable business practices. He emphasizes the need for businesses to measure and monitor their environmental impact, as well as the role of technology in helping to achieve sustainability goals.

Dr Catriona Wallace is a leading authority in the field of customer experience and AI, and the founder of Ethical AI Advisory. She is also a strong advocate for sustainable business practices, emphasizing the need for companies to embrace innovation in order to drive positive change. In her talks, she encourages businesses to think about how they can use AI and other technologies to support sustainability, as well as the importance of building a culture of innovation within their organisations.

There is a good reason why speaker Pauline Nguyen has been running the most awarded Vietnamese restaurant in the world for over twenty years - and the answer might surprise you.

Pauline knows first-hand how sustainability is a key ingredient to success and can be applied to all aspects of our daily lives.

Yossi Ghinsberg is one of our generation’s most unique keynote speakers. Amazon survivor, author of Laws of the Jungle and creator of ‘The Power to Survive’. Through his experiences, he has gained a deep appreciation for the natural world and the importance of sustainability. In his talks, Yossi emphasizes the need for businesses to embrace sustainable practices in order to protect the environment and preserve natural resources. He also highlights the role of innovation in driving sustainability, encouraging businesses to think creatively about how they can reduce waste, conserve energy, and create new value and purpose.

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