What Makes Us Happy At Work?

Do you know why the vast majority of people leave their jobs? Many of you will be thinking money or perhaps long hours, or perhaps boredom. But none of these valid reasons play as big a part in driving someone from their job as a sense of not being valued.

This applies to home life too, how many times do we hear ‘I left because I just wasn’t paid attention to’ or ‘he no longer valued me’.

  • In my short 3 minute video I’m going to outline to you:
  • How saying ‘thank you’ is vital to office wellbeing
  • The most powerful way you can recognize another person
  • The habit you need to get into the revitalize your relationships

Too often we think wonderful things about others but never get around to saying them outloud. After watching this short video I hope you go out into your office or home and acknowledge the wonderful things people do for you today.


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Lisa McInnes-Smith is in the top echelon of corporate speakers on shifting and improving performance. She has presented to more than one million people across twenty-two countries and authored seven bestselling books.  

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