Why you need more “stoppers’ in your team

You never hear job ads looking for people who can effect real change. Sure, there’s the ads seeking “ambitious go-getters”, or the old chestnut: “think outside the box”.

But that’s not really what they’re looking for.

They really just want someone who can still perform in the same environment, hamstrung with red tape and institutional knowledge.

And in those environments, real change is exactly what they need.

It’s easy to sustain institutional culture. It’s even relatively easy to perform well within those constraints.

It takes a stopper to question the status quo.

It takes a stopper to look at the institutional processes and realise that not only could things be done better, but the underlying reason for them being done at all is obsolete.

Michael McQueen is a multi-award winning speaker, change strategist and bestselling author of ten books.

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