Your Business Is Losing Its Genius

Silos – they are a part of any large corporation – and they are the enemy of innovation & creativity.

Too often, in the big telecommunications companies, you will find marketing on one floor, distribution in a different building, sales on an entirely different floor, possibly even split across different states.

And what falls down the gaps? Genius ideas, a wealth of knowledge and team morale.

In this short video I will outline:

  • Simple tools for better communication between departments
  • How you can increase productivity without increasing resources
  • The big downfalls when we operate a closed door policy

Hopefully I can encourage you to star harnessing the endless resources at your finger tips, so next time you need thoughts on how best to sell the latest cloud product / consumer package, don’t jump on Google, pick up the phone and break down those silos!

Dom is an internationally engaged speaker and facilitator who helps individuals and organisations drive behaviour change in the face of external disruption.

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