Your New Years Relevance Revolution

So many businesses are sitting here today faced with the knowledge that they are less relevant today than they were a year ago.

They don't quite know how it happened; everything seemed to be going so well. They were THE hottest product last January, but now the numbers say different.

This year alone we've seen commercial giants such as Borders & Kodak go out of business.

So I want to help you ensure that 2014 is an even better year than 2013, so that you too aren't here 12 months from now asking what you could have done differently.

In my short video, The Relevance Curve, I will talk you through the 4 key stages that lead to growth and decline for businesses – armed with this understanding, I can then show you where you are on this curve, and more importantly, how to get out of it, using my Silent Pulse formula

So, this NYE, instead of making the inevitable promise to hit the gym more (only to then fail half way through January) make the important commitment to yourself and your business that in 2014 you will be more relevant...not less.

And, as an exclusive offer to you this holiday season, when you confirm a booking for Michael before January 31st 2014, we will gift to you this revolutionary E-video program to help cement your teams learning and to drive growth in the new year, completely free of charge.

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