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Where does the time go? Anyone who has ever planned an event knows that it's often the tasks that were only supposed to take five minutes that end up taking eons and draining the budget dry!

As many of you will know we have just finished our huge global speaker showcases and it's thanks to a few fab organisation apps that we made it out alive and with two fantastic events to show for it, here we outline our 5 app life savers - enjoy!

Timr - (get it here)

Keeping track of time is always going to be the toughest part of event planning, and with tight deadlines at work it's a vital part of keeping the event on track. Enter Timr! This app allows you to keep track of exactly how long a task takes you so that you know to build that into the timeline, or look at ways of making your work more efficient.

Another great feature is that it works on all devices, so for an office that's evenly split between Android and iPhone it's a great solution.

Our contractors found it really easy to use too and we then knew we were getting accurate costings.

We really recommend giving Timr a whirl on your next event or even for a day at the office - that way when you are next left confused as to where the time has gone, you will have the answer in your pocket!

HeyTell - (get it here)

When half the team are at office HQ and the other half are running between venues like headless chickens it can be hard to keep track of who is doing what, when. Enter HeyTell, a spin on the traditional walkie talkie!

it's as simple as pressing a button and next thing you know you are broadcasting directions to the whole team - saving time and your voice.

24Me - (get it here)

It's inevitable that your personal life will fall by the wayside when you are working on your next big conference but there are general life tasks you can't afford to forget. With 24Me you can create a calendar and monitor your personal task list.

You will receive automated alerts for things such as paying bills and birthdays and these remain seperate from your work calendar, meaning you don't get overwhelmed.

Hootsuite - (get it here)

In the age of social media every successful event is going to include a social media campaign. But between dealing with venues and talent, the tweeting can be left on it's perch (see what we did there). Hootsuite is the perfect tool for managing all your social media platforms. 

It also allows you to preload content and then time it's delivery to give the impression of a continuous stream of dialogue - perfect for when you get an hour or two to yourself.

ScannerPro - (get it here)

When on the run carrying around receipts and schedules is just unecessary clutter. By using the ScannerPro you can keep all loose documents together on your iPhone or Android.

Simply snap a pic of the document using the app and it will convert it to a pdf, you can even email it through to yourself using the app - so say goodbye to lugging half the filing cabinet around with you.

So now that you have the technology support all tied up you can go forth and conquer your next big event - and don't forget to call us to chat through your keynote and MC needs!

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Ode To Amazing Events

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