Ode To Two Million Lives So Far!

When you drop a pebble in a pond the effect ripples out to the rest of the water, in the events industry the experiences we create are that pebble. It can be easy to forget, between meetings and briefs, that we are in the business of inspiring people - but we are, and it's a huge priviledge to be able to share the effect of these events with you.

 Each month we calculate how many people have seen our speakers in action and we celebrate that this number grows - we know it means that people across the world are becoming better leaders, colleagues and even partners and parents thanks to the incredible messages they are hearing from our speakers.

When we hit this monumental number we had to take a step back and figure out what 2,000,000 really means. And so we've put together this video, with the help of our incredible team of speakers, to show exactly how significant that acheivement is and also to make a promise to ourselves and to you that we are going to keep disrupting, changing and challenging the status quo - one audience at a time.

Thank You!

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ODE Management is a direct management office for some of the world's greatest disruptors, innovators and thought leaders. The speakers we represent are the best in their fields, each making a global impact due to their passion, experiences or downright audacious insights into the world.

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