Inside Influence podcast with Mark Schulman

Like any field, mastering performance at a world-class level – isn’t about faking it. Or just putting a show. It’s about choosing your state, harnessing your energy, committing to a lifetime of consistency, showing up and leaving everything you’ve got in the arena.

In addition to having performed for over 1 billion people during his career – alongside world class performers such as Pink, Cher, Billy Idol, Simple Minds, Beyoncé and Tina Turner. Mark Schulman is also the author of the very fitting Conquering Life’s Stage Fright.

In this episode of Inside Influence podcast. Host Julie Masters chats with Mark Schulman about

  • Why what we perceive as fear – can be reframed as something manageable with some simple mental tools
  • The habits and rituals that literally transform paralysing fear into excitement
  • What it means to ‘pick the stick back up’ and carry on – after any major set back
  • How to embody ‘real’ confidence – and the difference between that and rockstar certainty
  • How to get out of your own way – and be of service – choosing the words ‘I get to do this’ rather than ‘I have to’ do this before any performance
  • What he took from interviewing some of the most incredible performers of our time – and the moment that motivated him to seek them out
  • And why to him having a rockstar mindset is less about fame – and more about understanding that there are no small moments – every moment is critical

So get ready to flex your rock star muscles and soak up the insights of the insanely intelligent and insightful Mark Schulman. Whether you’re a musician, a parent, a CEO, a doctor, a carpenter – or someone contemplating the next great leap. This episode is for the that moment – that moment when you have to choose between showing up with every shred of what you’ve got – or letting an opportunity to make real (and memorable) impact pass you by.

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Inside Influence podcast with Mark Schulman
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