Pauline Nguyen speaker keynotes on Sustainability

There is a good reason why speaker Pauline Nguyen has been running the most awarded Vietnamese restaurant in the world for over twenty years - and the answer might surprise you.

Pauline knows first-hand how sustainability is a key ingredient to success and can be applied to all aspects of our daily lives.

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There's a reason why Red Lantern is still around after 20 years - 20 years in what is a competitive, saturated and fickle industry.

We're still around because we understand sustainability. We have even written a book about it.

Although it's not just the sustainability of produce and it's not just the sustainability of the environment.

Yes, those things are really important, however, it's also about the sustainability of our team members, the sustainability of the relationship between ourselves and our guests, the sustainability of the relationship between ourselves and our suppliers.

But most of all, it's about the sustainability of ourselves.

The sustainability of not only our mindset but also our heart, our health and our spirit. All areas must be all-encompassing. No area can be ignored because without our health, there can be no wealth. So with this concept at the forefront of our strategy Red Lantern is now positioned in the top 3 percent of businesses in the world - We have survived more than 15 years in business. We have a staff turnover rate as low as eleven percent. We have a repeat customer rate of 60 to 80 percent per week.

So let's talk about your next event, and let me show you how to not only remain current but also how to evolve into the next evolution - not only to survive but also to thrive in business and in life.

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