Pharmaceutical Selling With Impact!

Having trained pharmaceutical salespeople extensively over the last ten years, I have spent a lot of time going on appointments with them.  In that time, I have seen some amazing value adding product presentations.  I have also seen salespeople who snuck up and down corridors trying to avoid the receptionist/gatekeeper who would throw them out.  

One particular appointment was a scene right out of  “Mission Impossible” as the salesperson ducked and weaved through the surgery, seemingly hiding behind filing cabinets and desks to sneak into the office of Dr. Ho. 

I have also seen salespeople shout a greeting to the G.P. from across the parking lot, “Dr. Smith, Hi its Katrina from ABC!  Good to see you!”  Only to have Katrina look at me, smile and say, “I’m going to count that one.” 

Ahhh…I’m sure that there are many salespeople who long for the days past of no accountability

Times are changing.  More than ever before, salespeople have to be relevant and add value.  The best in this industry are very good at this.  Others have been able to hide behind a lack of accountability because many companies have not been able to properly measure the impact that the salesperson is actually having on the doctors prescription habits.

As companies have spent millions on accountability processes, I want to focus on the salespeople.  Here are my 21 tips for pharmaceutical salespeople to have a greater impact in selling:

  • Match the Body Language and Intensity of the Doctor (don’t show up ‘over the top’)
  • Know your Outcome – What is the ‘one thing’ you want to achieve out of the appointment
  • Use their name – the sweetest sound is people hearing their own name (Don’t forget the gatekeeper!) 
  • As Stephen Covey said, “Seek first to understand, then be understood.”
  • Show up with “Positive Energy”
  • Show the clinic courtesy
  • Build on the message that you communicated in the last appointment.  It should be a “build” as opposed to starting from scratch every time.
  • Get out of the car believing that you will achieve an “A” call 
  • If the doctor appears flustered and busy, suggest they see the next couple of appointments to create time
  • Don’t say, “I won’t take up your precious time…”  Remember you are offering value.   They are lucky to see you!!!
  • If the doctor is not looking at you…stop talking.  This will draw their eyes back up to you because of the silence.
  • Move to the side so that the doctor’s eyeline is not on their patients.
  • Hand them an item and ask, “Have you seen this before?”
  • Think outside the square of 9am – 5pm…breakfast meeting? 
  • Use the same level of energy for the receptionist as the doctor. 
  • Compliment the receptionist to the doctor…watch the power of 3rd party affirmation at work!
  • Nod when the doctor is talking
  • Be present and listen with “eye contact”
  • Smile and carry yourself with a “non-anxious” presence!
  • Have fun!

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Pharmaceutical Selling With Impact!

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