Assistant to Chief of Everything O

Position summary

I am looking for an experienced personal assistant (part time, WFH), based in Sydney, to assist me in running, managing, and growing our global brands. You will be someone who has had experience working in the corporate world as an assistant but most importantly is familiar with our industry, its stakeholders and our world.

Snapshot of the role

You will be first into the Inbox each day and know what I need to be involved in and what can be handled by you or someone else in the team.

After we meet and our activities and outcomes for the day are agreed, we may or may not speak again that day. Yes, the role will be autonomous (until after the training period when you feel confident) 

Who are we?

House Of O is the “mothership” that holds my 4 main businesses.

  • Ode Speaker Management (USA, Europe, Asiapac) 
  • Ovations International
  • Standing Ovations 

 Our whole world is speaking and corporate training globally.

What you'll do in the role

  • Help me manage my time and multiple projects 
  • Build and maintain high-quality relationships with my team, speakers and clients – a key measure of success will be better relationships and wondering how I ever did it without you
  • Manage the Inbox and all other communication channels like a demon 
  • Create and maintain processes for events, activities, storage and the processes of the business.
  • Develop and execute contracts for speaker signings 
  • Deliver such an exceptional client experience via quick and responsive email and phone communication that people would rather deal with you for the details 
  • Effective management and organization of large volumes of information and ideas that come across my desk daily
  • Safeguard my and the company's reputation and brand by removing the probability of avoidable miscommunications 

Who you are at your core

  • Autonomous and able to make thoughtful decisions 
  • You love to serve me and the team. On DISC profile your “S” is above the line. Yes, you are steady, serving and a systems thinker.  
  • Strategic thinker that jumps into action but pivots strategy easily within conversation as new data is presented
  • You have been surrounded by high performers and understand the difference between strategy and implementation. You will often be responsible for implementation yourself or via delegation to others. 
  • Capable of quickly cultivating genuine rapport and authentic relationships with critical stakeholders + clients (and thoughtfully documents conversations for quick recall)
  • You will love an entrepreneurial attitude and strive to support it 

Your current mindset

  • I love to see others win and feel a part of a team 
  • I have clear intentions for outcomes, and look for ways to do it efficiently 
  • I value humility, openness, selflessness, and championing others
  • I honour the work of everyone on my team and respect the collective
  • I love this industry and I am always learning and growing
  • I want to enjoy the journey and can create a life that I love
  • I hunt down and remove friction for all stakeholders 
  • I create impact from the mindset of service
  • I enjoy keeping track of and managing details

Meaningful experience we appreciate seeing on applications 

  • Similar experience in an events team, agency, or with a professional speaker
  • Experience managing a complex business with many “heads”
  • Experience assisting a small business, serial entrepreneur

Benefits and employee total rewards

  • Authentic, transformational mentorship from a leader focused on developing your talent
  • Day to day exposure to innovative thinking from many leading experts and celebrities 
  • Unlimited career potential under an umbrella of proven brands and successful ventures
  • A culture based on behaviour agreements 
  • Company-sponsored benefits and travel
  • As the hours may vary from 20+ hours a week you will be renumerated hourly
  • Hourly rate will be in line with your skills and the experience you can bring that elevates the role

For further information please contact Leanne on +61 2 9818 5199, or to apply send your resume along with a cover letter to

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