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Dr Catriona Wallace

Dr Catriona Wallace has been recognised by the Australian Financial Review as the Most Influential Woman in Business & Entrepreneurship.

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Catriona is an expert in the field of Artificial Intelligence and the Metaverse and is an Adjunct Professor, keynote speaker and Founder of the Responsible Metaverse Alliance. Catriona is also the co-author of the book Checkmate Humanity: the how and why of Responsible AI.

As the founder of one of the first Artificial Intelligence companies to list on the Australian Securities Exchange, Catriona has truly lived the life of an entrepreneur and CEO in the emerging technologies field. Indeed, Flamingo AI was the second only woman-led (CEO & Chair) business ever to list on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Based on her extensive experience in AI and emerging technology Catriona delivers keynote speeches globally on topics including Artificial Intelligence, Web3 and the Metaverse, Digital Transformation, Responsible Technology, the Future of Work and Diversity and Inclusion.

Catriona’s experience as one of the rare women leaders in advanced technology means that she is ideally suited to present on these important and topical subjects and does so in a way that is highly accessible, informative, non-technical, engaging and inclusive.

This unique skill set has also seen Catriona invited to Co-Chair Sir Richard Branson's B Team's AI Coalition and be a Director of the Garvan Institute, Gradient Institute and to Chair an AI VC Fund, Boab AI.

Catriona has been achieved Advance Australia’s highest award in Technology & Innovation for Australians working abroad and has been recognised by Onalytica as one of the top AI speakers and Metaverse commentators, globally. Catriona was inducted into the Royal Institution of Australia acknowledging her as one of the country’s most pre-eminent scientists.

With a burning passion for and deep knowledge of Artificial Intelligence and emerging tech such as the Metaverse, Catriona believes that sharing knowledge about the responsible use of technology and is her true path and purpose.

Catriona is also a Mum of five.

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