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Judy and Tim Sharp

The inspirational story of how a boy diagnosed with severe autism went on to become one of Australia's best-known international artists.

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Tim and Judy Sharp are break-through speakers who share their inspirational story of how a boy diagnosed with severe autism went on to become one of Australia's best-known international artists.

At 11 years of age Tim created a superhero called Laser Beak Man and became the first person with Autism to have his work developed into an animated TV series and theatre production. Tim shares his sense of humour and unique way of looking at the world through his colourful art. His originals are in high demand from collectors and have been exhibited Australia and globally.

When Tim was born Judy quickly realised he wasn’t responding like other babies his age. Yet doctors would not diagnose Tim with Autism until after his 3rd birthday. Judy was told there was very little hope for Tim or his development. Rejecting the prognosis Judy never gave up on her son and finally discovered she was able to open the door to communication through drawing. This discovery that changed their lives forever, in ways they could only imagine.

Tim has been nominated for Young Australian of the year and at age 16 he was the only Australian selected for the VSA (Very Special Arts) Festival in Washington DC. VSA was founded by Ambassador Jean Kennedy Smith - sister of President John F. Kennedy. The ABC's "Australian Story” covered this story and propelled Tim and Judy into the nations living rooms. 8 animated episodes of Laser Beak Man have been released and screened on networks within NZ, Australia and Asia. In 2012 a short film about Tim was shown at the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art in New York City. His art has been exhibited at the Sydney Opera House and the National Museum of Australia, Washington DC and New York.

When Tim and Judy spoke at TEDx Sydney where they received the only standing ovation of the event. In 2015 they signed a book deal with Allen & Unwin and released the story of their lives aptly titled: A Double Shot of Happiness. 2014-15 Laser Beak Man found residency at the New Victory Theatre in New York with the Dead Puppet Society. There was great enthusiasm and support for the development of the stage show including support from the Jim Henson Foundation. Laser Beak Man premieres at the Brisbane Festival 2017 to rave reviews and received 4 Helpmann award nominations.

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Tim & Judy Sharp at TEDxSydney 2014
A Double Shot of Happiness

A Double Shot of Happiness

Judy Sharp recalls Tim's story, diagnosed with a severe autism diagnosis who ultimately transforms into one of Australia's most renowned international artists and the creator of Laser Beak Man, is nothing short of inspirational.

Tim Sharp, renowned for his amazing creation, Laser Beak Man, is now a prominent figure in international art. His journey to recognition, however, was far from easy. At three years old, Tim's mother, Judy Sharp, received devastating news from a paediatric specialist that Tim's autism was so severe that he would never speak, live normally within a household, or even be capable of love, even for his mother. The suggestion was made that institutionalization would be best for him.

Fast-forward just over two decades, and Tim's joy-filled art and drawings featuring his superhero, Laser Beak Man, have been displayed globally. From Brisbane's Powerhouse to Sydney's Museum of Contemporary Art, and even New York's Museum of Modern Art, Tim's astounding career has graced the halls of some of the most prestigious galleries in the world. The widespread appeal of Laser Beak Man has even sparked an eight-part animated children's TV series and a Broadway play in New York.

Judy's touching and heartfelt narrative in "A Double Shot of Happiness" (named after one of Tim's beloved artworks), tells the journey of Tim's path from that harsh diagnosis to his rise as a celebrated artist and a happy, loving, and loved individual. It's a journey filled with countless challenges, moments of despair, and the exceptional dedication of Tim, Judy, his brother Sam, and everyone who has supported them. The story, though filled with struggles, ultimately narrates a tale of triumph, inspiring and deeply moving.

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