Keith Ferrazzi - Speaker Testimonials

[Keith’s] energy is contagious. There is no question he is doing exactly what he was put on earth to do. He is amazing.
Keith delivered one of the most heartfelt, inspirational, and useful talks that I attended while at Burning Man.

Co-Head of Programming, Red Lightning

Keith facilitates each event so that every guest walks away feeling a little more connected both with themselves and with the industry peer group they are part of.

CMO, Airbnb

You're going to be surrounded by incredibly bright, inspirational people that you will want to hang out with and that you will want to learn from.

SVP HR, Cheescake Factory

It fundamentally transformed the way our partners participate in a richer way.

Senior Manager, Accenture

Keith has the rare gift of inspiring you to think deeper, dream bigger and, most importantly, bring more generosity to the people and communities that matter most to you.

VP of HR, Legal, Finance, Shared Services at Patagonia

I walked away yesterday with a new vigor. This was a real gift.

President, General Motors North America

Keith grabs their attention immediately and takes them on a ride where they will leave wanting not only to transform their teams, but transform their lives to be more honest, open and of service to others.

Founder & Executive Chairman of The XPRIZE Foundation

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